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A Nocturnal Gambit

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    NIce good job it was very interesting.

     Tony Matell



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    Very nice work. You’re really good. I’ve been hooked.


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    Alright, just a little update. I will start working on the next installment of Nocturnal Gambit, but I have a novel on my front burner, so this is going on the griddle, to be worked on simultaneously with my other project.

    The Irishman from Ohio

    Hello my fellow junkies. My name is David, and I submit to you all a more Nocturnal-based fanfiction, so it does have some Nocturnal spoilers

    Any criticisms are more than welcomed, so enjoy! Hopefully it shows up on the Chop Shop

    If you’re a Sigler junkie, but too lazy to listen to Nocturnal, turn it off now pussaaaaaaayyyyyy

                        A Nocturnal Gambit

    Blurred words flowed into his ears as consciousness began to take hold. “Che… adatiom… shtered… shay…sheady… anchport.

    He was upright but suspended. There was pressure all around his body, his wrists, ankles, neck, and stomach. The man gave the restraints the slightest twist and pull, so miniscule a hand on any part of his oversized body would be scarce to know the difference. Tens of thousands of volts poured from the straps, leather straps that kept him snug against some type of plastic wall.

    He could hear the ventilation pump air into the room, but he was colder than he should have been. The straps were rougher than they could have been. Was… was he furless now? He was. Any doubt was removed as the voice came again. “We have him shaved and prepped for operation.”

    A scratchy voice came through a speaker, somewhere off in the right corner, “Negative. Hold for a possible code 4. I’m reading volt flow from the constraints.”

    A nasally breathing stepped closer before it said, “It’s probably some kind of glitch. He’s out and I haven’t seen him move.”

    The man’s head snapped up and opened his eyes to two small men in white covers working with needles and clippers. Another two men were at the door, their matte M16’s providing a blinding contrast to their white suits.

    The bound man threw his arms forward, electricity flowing through him in larger and larger doses. The leather broke from the wall and his clawed hands wrapped around one of the small men’s necks. He squeezed as the soldiers snapped to the action. The man’s fingers continued to tighten and began twisting

    The scientist’s muscles began to compress as his skin began to tear under the pressure. His vertebrae gave and popped from each other. The hulking man let go and the scientist’s head fell back, dragging his body down with torn skin and tattered muscle.

    The big guy’s hands were at the leather strap holding his stomach before the white pile of skin even hit the ground. A second of strain let the soldiers step closer, guns searching for the path of least muscle. The leather tore, electricity arcing before he dropped the broken constraint.

    The now furless man drove his hands into the wall behind him as the first soldier let the M16 sing. The first slug ripped into the wall just left of the prisoner’s neck followed by a shot driving into his right pectoral and the last one burying itself into his last rib. Meanwhile, one of his abdominal tore, rupturing in two as he pulled at the leg constraints.

    The soldier continued stepping in as the man’s legs ripped free from the leather. They shot up, one hooking behind the cocky gun toter’s neck and the other pressed against his cheek. The rifle got another shot off, grazing the furless wonder’s hamstring’s before wobbling into the wall.

    The man’s legs tightened, and the soldier’s neck twisted until the pop came and he went limp, dropping his gun. The prisoner let the second kill drop to the floor and pulled his legs into his chest. A moment later he exploded from the wall. Touching down just outside the barrel, he went down to all fours as the silence was shattered with its rat tat tat. He reached up, wrapping his hands around the shaft, the heat already burning through the first layer of skin. He pulled back, the soldier stumbling before he stood up, driving the butt into the man’s nose.

    The soldier released his gun, and the beast drove the gun back without looking. He glanced back, to the last scientist scratching at the M16 buried in his neck. The monstrosity jerked the gun out and let the guy fall to the floor. He spun the gun in his hand, grabbing the handle and counting the 19 bullets left in the clip,. The giant started for the door, looking up at the two inches of clearance above his head in the seven-foot room. He lifted the gun to the reeling soldier and fired two shots, both catching him between the eyes, even on his way down.

    The man dug his hand, claws first, into the crack between the sliding doors. As he slid one open, the other continued into the wall. He slipped through into a hall, somehow even paler than the room he had escaped. Snarling as he scanned both ways, he started off to his right.

    The beast dug his nails into his chest and pulled the bullet out before going after the one still among the shrapnel of his rib. He rubbed his stomach, his muscles already bound together and almost entirely healed.

    Another set of doors sliding open sounded through the halls. The man looked up and trained his eyes against the walls. Sirens began blaring as red lights exploded against the white walls.

    A huge snort came from a first down away. A pearly set of teeth in a black and white head jutted out of the door. The man craned his head forward, squinting at the sight. A pair of steroided bulldog legs worked their way into the flooding crimson. They fought to hold up a skull wrapped in layer after layer of muscle.

    The man looked up at the vents as they shot off. Too late, it’s already blown my scent to it. The creature’s head worked its way into the sky and after a few more sniffs in the air, he turned towards the man. The creature continued and entered the hallway, his hind legs and body much smaller than his front. The entire thing seemed to be wearing a cow skin though, easily matching one in size.

    The thing roared, jerking its body forward as a flap of skin ripped up from against its body. The bright stretch of yellow ran from his back and stretched up higher than the M16 the man still clutched as he took a step back.

    The creature took a step towards the man, then another, and another. He brought the gun up to bare and leveled it to the thing’s head. It began charging and the man unloaded the rest of the clip into its head. With three left, it was still going, though out of control. Another shot landed and it tumbled over its overdeveloped legs. He continued until he emptied the clip and watched as it tumbled into his feet.

    The black and white beast, red all over, twitched on the floor as its mouth opened and closed. The man raised the gun and smashed it into the thing’s pumbled skull. As it stopped, he looked up to the door in time to see four more of the creatures step from the room, the last of which, dwarfed the others. The first started sprinting to them well before the others.

    The man dropped the M16 and exploded over the dead creature. As they drew closer, the man went back to all fours again. A second before collision, he jumped against the right wall and speared the beast through wall. The two tumbled into the room covered in powder and crumbled wall.

    The furless man jumped to his feet and treaded away. His eyes scanned through plaster and some kind of choking chemical smoke. The creature burst through the fog, teeth leading the charge. The escapee grabbed the thing’s jaw and its snout, forcing them closed.

    The man held the cow thing away, but it still cut at him with its hind legs. He looked behind the thing and at the hole where three other monsters struggled to get into the hole. He lifted the creature nearly nine feet in the air before he slammed it into the ground, the impact breaking tiles and settling inches into the floor.

    The giant pressed his foot to the thing’s chest as it flailed. His eyes found a surgical trolley with all kinds of goodies on it, the crowning piece being a mechanical contraption resembling a small chain saw. His massive hand wrapped around the handle and a finger started the spinning blade. He retur
    ned to the creature and drove it into its chest. A second passed as the roaring spit up bits of blood, flesh and muscle and threw it all on the man’s sun-deprived slate skin.

    As the monstrosity under him began to slow, he looked up just soon enough to see the beast flying through the whole. The man threw his left arm up in sacrifice and the creature took it in its jaws. It’s muscles tightened and shimmered with a coat of sweat under the florescent light.
    The grey man’s face twisted in misery and pain, but just for a moment. He clutched the saw tighter, and it began spinning, sparking against the tile. He brought it up and drove it into the beast’s mouth. He continued pushing, the blade ripping through its cheek and continuing into its neck. He pulled the spinning death out as the grip began weakening.

    The man paused for a moment and looked behind the beast. Another creature jumped over the one trying to disarm him and came biting for his face.

    He powered away, wrestling with one while preparing for another animal. The thing’s paws slammed into the man’s chest, pushing him to his back, folding over his legs, and dragging the rabid beast with him. The man used the delayed jaw impact and dropped the saw before reaching up and grabbing its cheek.

    The creature kept him pinned, its jaws snapping and chomping. The teeth repeatedly cut into the blocking fingers, saliva pouring on the man’s face.

    A nearly unnoticeable tug came to his chewed arm before the teeth slid out. He tried looking for the ting that had made him a chew toy, but the maw engulfed his vision.
    The jaws stopped as it gave a yelp and the weight left his chest. The beast flew from sight, replaced by the massive monster, the last cow-print beast left. It looked down to the man and raised to its hind legs. Nearly immediately, it crashed back down, just after the man rolled from the smash.

    In the roll, Mr. Gray grabbed the saw and leapt with his ungnawed arm and driving forward with his legs. He flew up and over the operation trolley, grabbing it though with his healing mangled mess of an arm.

    The creature was already crashing through the lab before the man landed. He gave another quick hop and floated over the built-in operation table, twisting to watch the beast.

    The monster cow lowered its head and barreled through the steel foundation of the operating table. He hopped to his left and landed facing it. It whipped around. Damn, the size of a hippopotamus and the agility of a cat a quarter of the size.

    It snapped forward and the man drove the trolley into its mouth. He danced in, punching the saw into the beast’s nose and ran it up just above the eye, sliding it along its skull before it whirled back to the air.

    The mad cow twisted at the trolley, wrapping it around the man arm. He pulled away, slashing with the saw, but the monster ripped to its right, thrashing the man through the cabinets. His arm dislocated and swung free from the trolley, allowing him to crash through the steel storage. He tumbled to the ground, a dozen needles and scalpels cutting and sticking into his back. He stumbled to his feet and drove his left side into the wall, shoving the shoulder back in as utensils and equipment stressed under crushing weight.

    The gray ragdoll spun around, gripping for his missing saw. He flicked at the last couple of sharp things in his back as the francownstein meandered over the cabinets. The great beast exploded for the man, but he inched left and worked up to his toes.

    The creature’s head slammed into the man’s ribs, but he managed to get his arm to slide above its head and rest blood-slicked around its neck, or atleast as far around as his gorilla arms could reach.

    The mutant cow thrashed around from side to side, the man sliding back and forth on his own blood. The yellow flap snapped to attention as it roared. The few remaining glass items in the lab shattered and his limp hand grabbed the monster’s fur.

    The man let the headlock go and punched a hole in the flap. He grabbed and snapped it sideways. The thing’s legs gave out, but only fractionally, in both time and distance.

    The man continued holding the fur as he jumped up, planting his feet on the black spot of the creature’s neck and jumped for the hole. The thing crashed against the wall as he threaded the hole on all fours. He slipped into the hall and crashed into the wall before he managed to his feet. His first step landed unsure, but the growing roar channeling through the hole led to faster, harder, and longer strides until he was sprinting through the hall.

    He shouldered through the door, the metal dislocating his shoulder and pushing it back until it snapped through a rib. Still though, he grunted and continued on into a gated yard. He sprinted forward, grass flattening under tennis racket feet, his claws digging into the soil and spraying it behind him.

    As he ran, he grabbed his right arm and pulled it from his rib cage. The giant coiled down to leap for the fence, but the ground exploded before him as the sound of M2 Browning machine guns ripped through the air from somewhere to the right. He shot to his left before tucking into a roll.

    The man dug a claw into the ground and whipped himself around to the building. His eyes ran up the walls to the second floor. Two flood lights zeroed in on him, silhouetting three men and two machine guns. He squinted as the one in the middle, the one wearing some ridiculous cologne, yelled out, “Hello First Born. Going somewhere?”

    First Born’s lip spiked up into a snarl as he began focusing on the middle man. “I am not some animal to be kept in a cage and experimented on!”

    “Please,” the man laughed. “That was staged. You are not here to be a lab rat.”

    “So what?” First Born growled, his shoulder beginning to heal and mend itself. “This was all some sort of test?”

    The man from the building laughed again as he clapped his hands together. ”No, you still don’t get it. I just wanted to see you in action, and I must say, it was quite intriguing. If I wanted to test you, I would have put you in a box with a nice aerosol silver that I have with a dozen of my ancestors.”

    First born pushed himself up to his feet and took a step towards the men as his voice picked up, “I am not some play thing or some lacky, for you or any other being on this planet.”

    The Browning locked and began to follow the huge, hairless beast.

    Unphased, the Nocturnal continued, step after step, muscles tensing and relaxing under the pallor of the moon and spotlights. “I am First Born, and once I have destroyed every one of your men and broken you, ripping your spine out with my teeth, I shall return to the Children.”

    The man waved off the lead death and said with a sigh, “This is far more talking than I had expected.” With First Born moving closer and closer, the man continued, “I require your help, not your servitude, with a problem, a problem that will destroy my kind and your’s.”

    First born leapt to the wall, driving a hand into the metal siding before thrusting up and landing in front of the man. This close, First Born saw the Armani body armor as the desk general stood his ground. “Then me and my people will deal with it when this supposed threat comes.”

    Mr. Armani stuck his chin up as he said, “But that would be somewhat difficult seeing as how Sly now controls Marie’s Children, and they all think you killed the King.”

    The words hit First Born hard and stopped him immediately. His head fell to the left as the silence continued.

    “Perhaps though,” the man said in a shrug. He finish with a smile curling his lips, “If you help us with a problem that is life and death for us all, we can help you with your own situation.”

    First Born looked into that smile, the one just looking for shit to gobble. First Born’s hand snapped to the man’s neck as the man’s mouth began to open. First Born stepp
    ed in and crushed him into one of the spotlights, the leather binding struggling to contain the beast’s muscles.

    Without any loss of arrogance, the man looked into First Born’s eyes. The beast turned back to see the soldiers still at ease before returning to the man. Marie’s Child inched his face closer until his touched the little man’s nose, but then he continued pressing closer. The little man’s nose snapped to the side, but his eyes remained trained on First Born. As blood gushed from the mangled cartilage, the gel from his hair began melting and running down the sizzling glass.

    With teeth showing, First Born asked, “What exactly is threatening my people?”

    Peace and Much Love ~ David Dysart

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