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A huge thank you to Scott, A, and the JUNKIES!

  • This is so dang cool! Thanks SoS!

    Wow! Thanks so much! That’s very generous. 🙂


    A huge thank you for all that you guys have done for us at Separation of Sanity! As junkies having Scott drop some evil specifically for our latest release “The Crucible” was amazing. Scott killed his tracks. The “Bag of Blood track was so damn cool and sinister we didn’t want to cut it at all… Instead we wrote music specifically for it and made it our “Hidden” track on the CD. And in honor of how Empty Set rolls we want you Junkies to grab yourself a copy for Free of course. And here is your link! I thank you Scott for being an awesome friend over the years! Keep killing it! A your amazing in all aspects and its always great to see you! And a thank you too all the Junkies who have found us from the podcasts and became fans and supported us cheers!

    Here it is! Please enjoy!:

    Find us on and you fav digital distributor!

    Cheers! Jason X…. Junkie for life!

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