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A great guy needs help!

  • Hey junkies!  I’m calling on you to help out a great guy I met in person this weekend.  His name – Seth Harwood!!!!  Seth just re-released the first book in the Jack Palms series – JACK WAKES UP.  Sales aren’t quite as brisk as he had hoped – perhaps partly because the book was released last year.  I know many of you purchased the first version of JACK WAKES UP.  For some of you this type of book may not be up your alley.  Let me encourage you to give it a try and check out Seths website  So here is my challenge – if you haven’t already bought the book and can afford to, please do so.  Read the book, give the book away as a present, donate the book to your library and better yet, donate the book to your local hospital.  Donating books to your hospital is something often overlooked but books are needed there for sick patients and familes staying with patients.

    As for myself, I will be buying several more books to take to hospitals in the Texas Medical Center.  So how bout it junkies, can we help Seth out?

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