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3D Models of Siglerverse Aliens


    Okay, I’ve got finals this week, but i needed to relax a little bit, so here’s a really crappy placeholder for a quyth head. I made this in a couple hours today, just to kind of see how the head model would be scaled. I’ll do a couple more tests with fur, etc. later, but for now, here’s a quick clay render (meaning no materials, no frills, just looking at the shapes)

    Once again, feedback is GREATLY appreciated. I know its still lumpy and lopsided and the mouth isnt really a mouth quite yet, but I’m way down to hear what feedback you guys have.

    Also, @wmcduff, I like your grasshopper leg idea. i’ll look into it.

    Looks pretty interesting. Seems pretty bird like indeed. You might want to look more at a grasshopper style leg, though. Not sure these look big enough for twenty odd foot leaps.

    While I’m posting, i might as well post up an unfinished rig of a Sklorno female. this one’s a looong way from being ready for anything.

    Let me know what you think, guys!

    Rigging test 1 HERE:

    Hey guys, i’ve been doing a little work, and kicking off my summer project: Making animatable CG models of the aliens in the Siglerverse, and, if i can possibly get it done/started, MAYBE making a game based off the rules and action of the GFL.

    For now, this weekend i built a skeletal structure for a quyth. I like how it came out, but i need all you guys’ input on this to make sure it looks like/works like it’s a real creature. I based it off the art in the book inserts.

    Here’s the link to the youtube video in which i did a first run at the model. rip me up guys!

    Also: the red is the body, and the blue floating items are the rig, essentially the puppeteering tools of the model. I know i should have picked orange and black, since it’s a GFL thing and all, but lets face it: The Orbiting Death are the most badass looking team in Tier 1. that’s just my bit of editorialism 😛

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