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300-pound Jellyfish??

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    sorry about that every one.

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    we need to find a way to eat these stupid animal type beings.

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    HAHAHAHAHA well you could make it about your ex if you’d like …

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    …thought this was going to be about my ex.

    *crickets, crickets*


    the trick to staying sane is to just out-crazy the world

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    Just think about the new strand of Triangles in Contagious … when one of the hosts were killed, they generated the spore-like growths on their body and released them into the air to find a new host.  The jellyfish do just about the same thing, except the undisturbed offspring don’t need a host and go on to enter the world.

    Two footnotes on that …

    1. Wouldn’t THAT be a bitch for the human race in the Infected triology?

    2. I’m thouroughly convinced that jellyfish are probably going to over-take the oceans because of this adaptation … they ARE one of the oldest organisms in the world …

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    we’re looking up for them when we should be looking down.  them releasing offspring when attacked or killed is very clever indeed.


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    on the part of the jellyfish… or are they really jellyfish? Could they be an alien species trying to take over the oceans?

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    Yea that’s been a problem for years now.  The Japanese fisherman catch these massive jellyfish in their nets and can’t do anything with them, so they cut them up and throw them back into the water.  The only problem is that jellyfish can reproduce asexually and all the eggs are released into the ocean in one big mass instead of timed emmission.  They are only causing their own problems by killing them the way they do …

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    This is just scary.

    Marine surveys conducted in late June have revealed alarming numbers of Nomura’s jellyfish. The researchers warn that ocean currents may bring swarms of the monster jellies to Japan, which has been plagued by similar invasions in recent years. ..

     They’re also hard to get rid off, releasing millions of offspring into the water when they are attacked or killed.

    Check out the pictures here:

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