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3 Book Infected Box-Set?

  • As soon as I get my Kindle I’m buying the flash drive.

    ALSO: Is it true that Pandemic has been pushed back to next year? Just curious.

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    That’s up to Crown Publishing. A and I don’t control the INFECTED series.

    I would love to see a boxed set for all the three book sets. I am buying a OM flash drive very soon if they are not already sold out and I would but anything in a set of three.

    oops…. I pooped

    When Pandemic comes out there should totally be a box-set! At least if that’s the last one in the series. Also, there should be a USB for Infected/Contagious as well, I’d DEFINITELY buy that as I’m getting a Kindle soon.

    Anyways, anyone else craving a box-set for this series?

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