Gladatorial events and sports co-ordinator.
Come on, how much better was UFC when there were only 3 rules instead of all the crap they put in to let it be recognised?
Also I have some great ideas for new sports. For instance Volleyboom. It’s Volleyball but the ball contains a bomb that will take out an individual person and is working on a random timer. Last team with a player alive wins 🙂 Tenblam is the same principle but with Tennis and a hand grenade. Then there’s Fly Baby Fly. Newborn kids will naturally grab things and hold on. Get a whirligig washing line, get a bunch of kids to grab hold and then start spinning. Take bets on which kid holds on the longest.

My personal favourite though, Electrograb. This is a simple concept. You build a corridor with 6 foot long horizontal spikes at one end and a series of handles (or a long bar) afixed to the wall at the other end. Contestents enter and grab hold of the handles. Each contestant is wearing ankle and wrist bracelets made of metal. Behind the wall with the spikes a huge electromagnet is switched on. The contestent who holds on longest (and therefore doesn’t get impaled) wins. The others are obviously dead.