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Koontz is my all time fav author (next to Sigler of course), i have all his books, and there are several i re-read almost on a yearly basis.

Lightning: I have read this book multiple times, but everytime i keeps me going. Its a great suspense book, not so much on the horror, but def sci-fi.

The Bad Place: Have to read this at the begining of summer, its how i know summer is here. It has nothing to do with summer, except thats when i first read it, so its now a tradition.

Koontz is one of those authors you either love or hate, but man he puts out the books, at least 2-3 a year. And if your like me and read every night for 1-2 hrs, it doenst take long to go thru books. Now that I have a Kindle, im starting to get these “favorites” on there, and ill have them with me everywhere i go, so when i get done with a book, and dont have anything new, ill just flip to one of these. Oh yeah, and now that “The Starter” is on ebook, ill be keeping it close too!

“A Black Belt only covers 2″ of your butt, you better be prepared to cover the rest.”