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Hmm okay so it was pulled.

Then my question here is. Would it be okay then to pass this to anyone who needs it?

I have the entire podcast series of all the books and that includes the original podiobooks cast of the Rookie with all it's unique voices where quentin sounds like don pine and then some.

(They're on my google drive but any user has to be added to the list to be able to obtain them.

Currently no ones on the list but me. So that requires them to have a Google Account to log in and obtain once added to the folder.)

It's been fun to re-listen and here interesting mistakes like in The Starter, I believe there's one commentary where Smasher is actually John Tweedy’s voice. always makes me chuckle to hear him talk as smasher.

But I side tracked.

Can I pass the zip file out? Since you have pulled it I do not want to go giving it out if it is not okay.

If it is okay anyone who wants it can write to me directly here and I will provide them a link to the files and a password to access them for download.

Up to you A and Scott. Just let me know.