Balticon 48 starts today at the Hunt Valley Inn in Maryland. If you’re attending, here’s where to find us! (Also, in the evenings we’ll be easily found at #barcon in the lobby. Stop by and say howdy!)

Start Time Room Panel Description Panelists
Friday, May 23, 2014
5:00pm Salon A Monsters vs. Aliens Marv Zelkowitz (M), Bruce F. Press, John Cmar, Scott Sigler, A Kovacs
6:00pm Chesapeake Getting the Most out of Google Plus &
Hangouts On Air
Brand Gamblin, A Kovacs, Peter Bryant, Pamela Gay
Saturday, May 24, 2014
12:00pm Derby Managing Podcast Streams Jonah Knight, Jimmy Rogers, A Kovacs, Patrick Holyfield
1:00pm Chesapeake Getting Started With Self Promotion Scott Pond (M), Scott Sigler, Mark Jeffrey,Peter Prellwitz,
1:00pm Derby Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Andrea Trask, PJ Schnyder, A Kovacs, Alessia Brio, Barbara Hill
4:00pm Derby The transition: Experiences of New Media authors moving to the mainstream literary world Philippa Ballantine, A Kovacs, Scott Sigler
6:00pm Chesapeake The Best Bang For Your Buck! Scott Sigler, Michael Black, Chris Snelgrove, Neal Levin, Steve White
Sunday, May 25, 2014
9:00am Chesapeake Peer Media — What Is It and What Do I Do With It? Thomas Gideon (M), Lesley Conner, Scott Sigler, Mark Jeffrey, Brandon Sanderson
1:00pm Chesapeake Promoting Your Podcast Scott Andrews, Mark Jeffrey, Mark Kilfoil, A Kovacs, Norm Sherman
4:00pm Parlor 1041 Handling The Technical Side:
Writers & Their Fact Checkers
J.P. Harvey (M), T Jackson King, J Daniel Sawyer, Scott Sigler, Mike Mcphail
6:00pm Derby When New Becomes Old Jared Axelrod (M), Lauren Harris, Mark Kilfoil, A Kovacs, Flynnstress