Raise a glass to Ray Harryhausen: monster maker

Ray Harryhausen passed away today. If you don’t know that name, he was a filmmaker who pioneered the use of stop-action animation and made some of the greatest monster flicks ever seen. His SINBAD movies and JASON & THE ARGONAUTS inspired me to build Lego monsters and create my own stories at a very early […]

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Managing the social medias

This April, ARealGirl and I have been doing a lot of back-end (awww yeah) work that y’all don’t see. We’ve called this “Get Shit Done Month.” We’re cleaning up delayed projects and getting squared away for creating brand-new fiction (and if you ask about MT. FITZROY, I will fart in your general direction).


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Who would you cast as Bryan Clauser?

We’re still working on the pitch for the NOCTURNAL television series.

First off, an update: I still don’t have a contract for the option. It’s a strange thing, because we’re toiling away on a series bible and writers are scripting the first draft of a pilot episode. No, I still can’t say […]

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Dark Ă˜verlord's take on charity

WARNING: This is a very long post.

Long-time Junkies will know that ARealGirl and I bust our butts to give y’all the goods. You’ve been great fans for the last seven years, and we love you for it. Those who have joined the community more recently arrive to a plethora of novels, novellas, […]

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Now you have to pay to record a show? Huh?

Let’s get a few things out of the way, so that in case you don’t read to the end of this blathersnape you won’t make these rather obvious comments:

• Yes, I am cheap.• Yes, I am old and crotchety when it comes to gouging the customer.• No, I haven’t done enough research to […]

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Goodreads Choice, thanks fer your votes!

The Goodreads Choice 2012 awards are all done: NOCTURNAL came in 5th.

• THE TWELVE by Justin Cronin, 7,414 votes• ODD APOCALYPSE by Dean Koontz, 6,549 votes• ON DEMON WINGS by Karina Halle, 3,945 votes• BLACKOUT by Mira Grant, 3,909 votes• NOCTURNAL by yours truly, 3,614 votes

The category had a huge jump […]

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Site Maintenance TONIGHT!

The site will be down starting about ninety minutes from right now for scheduled maintenance. You will not be able to access all of this right here, of course, and I’m sure this will make you nervous. Sadly, because I am posting this on the same site that will soon be down, I will not […]

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That’s my main man Nikolai Volkoff, at right, turning in his Soviet banner for a CONTAGIOUS flag because the book just sold Russian language rights.

Exmo Publishing bought the rights. They will publish also publish Infected and Ancestor in December.I’m told […]

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Voted! Post your voting photos, suckas!

Americans, it’s a day of celebration. Despite the endless conspiracy theories, the hate spewed online, the comments of idiots, the childish campaigning of both sides that panders to the lowest-common-demominator of easily swayed idealogues, today we celebrate the beginning […]

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Trying to level-up on health

Junkies, I managed my third straight day of morning running. The plan is to be up at 6am, running by 6:30am. Today, I hit snooze until 6:20am but was out on dem streets at 6:40. This week is no big deal; the goal is to just get up and go for seven straight days and […]

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Nerd candy: Marvel's "Phase One Collection"

I loved THE AVENGERS. Loved-loved-loved it. And Marvel knows that. That’s why they are busting out the “Marvel Phase One DVD Collection.”

Check this bad boy out. Nick Fury’s case, packed with not only a freakin’ Tesseract, but 10 discs that cover Marvel Studios’ superhero goodness from IRON MAN all the way […]

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