Quentin and his friends rendezvous with Cormorant Bumberpuff on the Rosalind Franklin, an intelligent Prawatt ship that will escort them to the Portath Cloud. But to reach this desolate place, Rosalind needs help from the Rewall, one of the strangest sentient races in the galaxy. As Rosalind heads to Rewall space, Michael Kimberlin tries to bring Quentin up to speed on what little is known of this bizarre species.

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Friday Fix — New OS1 Orbiting Death Jerseys!

Even though in our heart of hearts we like to think everyone’s a Krakens fan … we know some of you have been dying to get your mitts on an Orbiting Death jersey.

And now, dear Junkies, the wait is over! Watch the video to see the jersey in all it’s black and red glory!

Also, a little last minute detail about tomorrow’s launch for GFL Book V.

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FridayFix — Post-PANDEMIC Tour Wrap Up & GFL Pre-order Prep!

PANDEMIC tour re-cap and how to prep for the GFL Book V pre-order, happening Feb 1!

A couple of weeks back we did a little podcast about how we went about booking the PANDEMIC Tour. Today we’re bringing you a short sweet little wrap up recorded this week just as Scott was heading home at the end of a successful tour.

We also talk a bit about the big GFL pre-order event coming this Saturday! Ready or not, it’s almost here! Check out the crowd at the Redondo Beach Mysterious Galaxy, below, all of whom came out for the LA stop of the PANDEMIC tour. Some didn’t make it out alive, but there were a lot of them, so it’s not really a problem.

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