THE DETECTIVE Episode #3Fred takes on a new identity, and strikes paydirt in his search for Quentin’s family. With help from “The Spaniard,” Fred arms up for the next fight. Even as he does, he’s haunted by his violent, mercenary past.

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Fred is out to find the family of Ionath Krakens star quarterback Quentin Barnes. When Quentin was a scarecrow-skinny orphan boy on Micovi, he was taken in by a restaurant owner named “Mister Sam.” Sam’s knowledge of Quentin’s past will put Fred on the path to discovery — and to lethal danger.

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Frederico Esteban Guissepe Gonzaga, a.k.a. “Fred,” is a private detective searching for the lost family of Quentin Barnes. That search will expose Fred’s own tortured past, and possibly destroy his future as well.

Welcome to the first episode of this GFL novella.

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