The Storytelling Drama of Combat Sports

StorySmack Episode #44

“But fights aren’t stories,” you say? WRONG-O, FISH-BREATH! Companies like the UFC are exceptional storytellers, creating tales with live performers and unwritten endings. A discusses her initial dismissal and disdain for combat sports, and how she’s come to change her mind. Scott talks about how getting punch in the mouth can lead one to discovering proper, civilized behavior. They both use UFC Fight Night 143 to discuss how these real-life storylines play out, with all the drama, violence, sacrifice and the built-in “Hero’s Journey” path.

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Groundhog Day

StorySmack Episode #45

Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day? Are we in a time loop? Scott and A become gods (but not the god) as they discuss this 1993 classic, and the hordes of rodent-like movies “inspired” by it.

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SpiderMan: Into the Spiderverse

StorySmack Episode #43

Scott and A take a look at the Golden Globe-winning film that could have long-term ramifications on superhero storytelling. When a film so successfully brings a comic to life as a comic, what does that mean for big-budget live-action superhero films? Are the days of live flicks doomed?

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BODIED Hollywood Premier

StorySmack Episode #42

Scott and A were invited to attend the Hollywood premier of BODIED, a film by Joseph Kahn. They discuss the movie, as well as the red-carpet and post-party experience. The film is in theaters now and will soon be on YouTube Red.

And check out the movie’s trailer:

• Joseph Kahn’s Power Rangers short film.
• Monster Magnet’s “Space Lord” video

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Fan festivals for creators – a SiglerFest2k18 recap

StorySmack Episode #41

Our big party is over. The FDØ and ARealGirl recap SiglerFest2k18, the biggest SiglerFest yet.

Fan appreciation is a major part of the business for some creators. This episode provides insight as to what goes into a fan appreciation event, and how creators can manage such events when growth drives attendance far beyond expectations.

And hey, you ready to sign up for next year soirée, SiglerFest2k19? Click here, sucka!

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TREMORS, A Horror/Comedy Classic

StorySmack Episode #40

Recorded live at SiglerFest2k18 in Las Vegas: Diseased Penis Teeth Monsters. The Bacon Number. A script that took five people to write. Fred Ward. A well-armed Mr. Keaton from FAMILY TIES. Reba. Egg from BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. Land Sharks. The glory of this flick goes on and on. Join AB Kovacs and Scott Sigler for a delightful review of this campy classic.

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BLUE BALLS, a Very Special Episode …

StorySmack Episode #39

If you’ve read my novel NOCTURNAL, you may recall the character Pookie Chang’s idea for a cop show. Like HILL STREET BLUES, BLUE BLOODS, NYPD BLUE, ROOKIE BLUE, SHADES OF BLUE, etc., Pooks decided his show should have that color as a titular part of the title. Hence, BLUE BALLS.

In NOCTURNAL, Pookie might be considered the sidekick to Bryan Clauser’s lead character. In BLUE BALLS, which Pookie writes as a spec script to sell to network TV, he is the heroic lead, and Bryan is the bumbling also-ran. Pookie’s buddy cop script plays on many cop-show tropes.

For the past three SiglerFests, we’ve live-recorded a portion of Pookie’s script for Season One, Episode 2, titles “Dolla Dolla Bills, Y’All.” Attendees get to read most of the parts. My plan was to release them as individual episodes leading up to SiglerFest2k18, but I screwed up last year’s recording (I paused it at one point, then forgot to continue it), and for the life of me I can’t find the SiglerFest2k16 recording.

So, my pal Stephen King (no, not that Stephen King, and yes, that is his name) gathered up some of his actor pals and we recorded the entire pilot script as a live table read. Many props to Iceberg, our editor, for putting this together.

If you know screenwriting, you might notice some painful script clichés in here. Blame it on Pookie — he’s an amateur.

This script is off-color (no pun intended) and rather “blue” (pun intended) in its humor. We hope you enjoy it.

We’ll be recording Part I of BLUE BALLS, Season One, Episode Three at SiglerFest2k18.

Where is Episode One, you might ask? You’d have to ask Pookie. Maybe you buy him some Kung Pao shrimp and a nice bottle of bubbly, and you can talk him into it …

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RUSH HOUR Twentieth Anniversary

StorySmack Episode #38

In these trying political days, sometimes you want some good old-fashioned fun. StorySmack aim’s to please, which is why were talking about the 20th anniversary of the Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan buddy-cop flick RUSH HOUR. Can you read the words coming out of this screen?

Not only did this box-office beast firmly establish Chan as star of American movies and catapult Tucker into super-stardom, it featured two minority leads long before the birth of social media. RUSH HOUR spawned two sequels (and perhaps a third, listen in!). We had a blast re-watching, join us for a conversation about this killer flick.

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Songwriter/Storyteller Evan Diamond

StorySmack Episode #37

Today we have an guest! Evan Diamond, band leader for Scott’s band “Evan Diamond & The Library,” joins us at Empty Set Studios to talk about the new EP Intersections, along with a host of other things.  We talk songwriting as storytelling, what it’s like to play live and see folks react to your personal moments made musical, and listen to each song from Intersections.

Plus a big announcement for those of you going to/considering SiglerFest 2k18!

Follow ze instructions and you could win the brand-new EP — hear the FDØ’s bass playing with your own gosh-dang ears.

To enter:

  1. Go to the Evan Diamond Facebook group
  2. Like the page
  3. Leave a comment on the Story Smack post and tell us a personal story that has something to do with any of the song titles on the EP. We’re looking forward to hearing about your intersections, or how you’re a bad guy … you get the idea.

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StorySmack #36

On this episode, Scott and A revisit Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Spoiler alert: it totally holds up.)

We we lucky enough to see the Rooftop Cinema showing, which is  rooftop, outdoor viewing with cocktails. It was a really fun addition to the overall experience! If there’s something like this in your town, don’t miss the chance to go!

This episode doesn’t have our normal “timestamp discussion” of the movie because of the aforementioned venue change. But since it’s such a classic, I bet that’s just fine.

• Dane Cook’s bit on “Monkey Heist”

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SiglerFest2k18 — the ins and outs of a fan festival

StorySmack #35

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An episode about the ins and outs of putting on a fan appreciation weekend. We talk through the evolution of SiglerFest and what’s coming this year!


Join us for this episode. Our long-time sponsor “GoDaddy Coupon” keeps the hits a-coming.

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Han’s rescue — what, exactly, was the plan?

StorySmack Episode #34

THE LAST JEDI has come under fire for nonsensical plot elements and characters making LOST-esque idiotic decisions, but if we jump in the WayBack Machine™ and take a look at RETURN OF THE JEDI, we find that nonsensical might be endemic to all STAR WARS movies —  read also, if there was a “plan” to rescue Han, what the hell was it, and how did it go so wrong?


This episode was inspired by Mike Ryan’s article at Uproxx on the same topic.

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Pierce Brown live interview for IRON GOLD

StorySmack Episode #33

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Scott interviews #1 New York Times bestseller Pierce Brown as Pierce kicked off his world tour for IRON GOLD, volume IV in the Red Rising saga. Recorded live at Mysterious Galaxy Books in San Diego, the exact site of Pierce’s very first appearance as an unknown author in 2014. Pierce talks about his new work, his struggles to get published, and the intense pressure that comes with following up a literary juggernaut.


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John Williams

StorySmack Episode #32

Story Smack is a podcast about storytelling, but I must admit we talk quite a bit about movies. Today, however, we’re going to talk about a movie maker. In fact, the most Oscar-nominated movie maker on Earth. Actor? Director? Nope — orchestrator and conductor John Williams.

I know you love John Williams’ work. I know I love the Star Wars score, and the Indiana Jones score. Those are both his. But so many others you know and love are also John Williams’ work. You’ll be amazed at how much of the score to your own life is lifted from work he’s done.



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Good Will Hunting 20th Anniversary

StorySmack Episode #31

Hard to believe it’s been twenty years since Good Will Hunting was released! Hard to remember a time when Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were small time enough to be caught in development hell trying to get this movie made. Back before they were Oscar winners.

Thankfully they got through all of that, and Good Will Hunting stands the test of time! Join us while we discuss the good, the bad and the legend that is Good Will Hunting.


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