FridayFix • Gatekeepers vs. Goalies

Scott and I discuss “outsider art” and its correlation (if any) to the publishing business. We discuss the difference, if any, between a “writer” and an “aspiring writer.” We talk about the need (or uselessness) of a gatekeeper when it comes to the business of publishing.

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FridayFix • Can you separate Art from the Artist?

This week we take you inside a normal workday conversation here at the Empty Set Entertainment offices.

The question we’re working out in this episode is if it’s possible to separate the artist from the art. Moreover, when the artist becomes a disappointment due to human failings, can you continue to enjoy works created prior to the fall?
FridayFix - Gibson, Vick, Metallica

We discuss several entertainers: Michael Vick, Mel Gibson and Metallica. To varying degrees, their real-world behavior has changed the way we view them as people, as artists, and as entertainers.

What do you think?  Has reality shattered one of the most favorite, creations you’ve enjoyed through the years? Does real-world behavior influence your choices? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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FridayFix • So You Want To Be A Writer?

Of all the questions Scott gets asked over and over, at every con, every book reading, and every day by DM or Facebook message or email … among the most frequent is “What advice do you have for me? How do I become a writer?”

In this video, he tells you how he did it. Anyone can write a novel. Didn’t go to college to learn literature, etc? Doesn’t matter. Your idea is just as valid as anyone else’s. Scott will tell you how to write your first novel.

Want to listen to the audio instead? Here ya go:

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FridayFix • Pierce Brown

Author of Red Rising trilogy talks writing process, screenplays, hollywood and being an "overnight success"

Pierce Brown’s first novel RED RISING was a smash hit. While touring to support GOLDEN SON, the second book in that series, Pierce visited the Empty Set studios to talk about his books, his career, and to answer questions sent in by his fans.

Scott already reviewed the book, but with Pierce in town, we wanted to jibber-jab to entertain your faces. If you’re a creative type, this is a great interview for ya. Even for someone who hits it out of the park with a “first novel,” there is much work to be done if you want to succeed.

Want to listen to the audio instead? Here ya go:

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FridayFix • 2015 Con Schedule

We’re coming at you a bit early in the week for the FridayFix™, but we’ve got important things and stuff to discuss!

In 2015, our convention schedule will switch up a bit, as we will be participating in Phoenix ComicCon this year! They have a great literary track, and after meeting Lee Whiteside at San Diego Comic Con last year, we’re going to check it out. And we’re pretty excited.

Phoenix ComicConThat means we will not be at Balticon this year. Those cons are a week apart, and it only makes sense time-wise and money-wise to do one of them this year. It was hard to give up such a great con as Balticon this year, but in the end it has to be done.

Other cons we’ll be attending are San Diego Comic-Con, Dragon*Con (where Scott is already confirmed as a guest) and SiglerFest (October 8 – 12, 2015 in Las Vegas. Registration opens soooon!)

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Empty Set’s Top Four Stories of 2014

Now in fancy video form! New and improved!

We won’t lie, 2014 was our company’s biggest year yet. ARealGirl and the FDØ busted out the new video setup to blab about our top four stories of 2014. Thrill to the sight of so many damn books published this year!

Don’t see the video above? Click here to download.

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FridayFix • Empty Set 2014 Year In Review

It’s the holidays, suckas! And with it comes year’s end, and with that comes our annual rambling-ass Year In Review.

The two gasbag partners in Empty Set Entertainment combined to bring you an hour and twenty minutes of blabby-blab about the books we published, the tours we toured and the anthologies we anthologized — and also the new addition to the fam, our lovely little Dog of Døøm. Did we mention how long this episode is? Listen at your own risk.

And, we did our top-four stories of 2014 as a fancy video. Wanna watch? Just click here.

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FridayFix • Shiz Happens

Plus: Throat wounds; chasing the horse and/or pony and/or dragon; teetering masses of crockery; death by Jenga and laces out, Dan!

Rob-and-ScottIt’s the holidays, and that means family and what-not. It also means things popping up out of nowhere like schedule-destroying demons, hell-bend on ruining all yer carefully crafted plans. Yep, happens to us like it happens to everyone else, so how do we handle that?

At right is my lifelong buddy Rob Otto. We were born on the same day, same year, so — obviously — we’re twins! He was part of the very schedule-scuttling distractions of which we speak.

How about you? What kind of things popped up during your holiday season to scuttle your schedules?

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FridayFix • The State of the Empty Set Store

Or: why do you guys hate holiday shoppers and not have ALL THE SIZES?

Been poking around the Empty Set store this Black Friday? If you have, and you’re looking for swank GFL t-shirts, you might notice our selections are dwindling.Fancy Isis Ice Storm T-shirt!

We’ve had a few emails and comments lately about how there are slim pickings in the store as far as t-shirt sizes go, and I don’t disagree. That said, several folks notice that there are only smalls and mediums of some t-shirts, and think we’re discriminating against folks of a different size. That’s where I disagree of course.

Take a few moments and listen to this ultra short Friday Fix to see when, if, and how you can get new GFL gear in whatever size you want. Just, maybe, not in time for Christmas.

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FridayFix • Origin stories

Also: Heartburn, evil pizza, a particular set of skills, the Wolf, in the closet, the ghost of tequila past, and knitting a cardigan.

The WolfThis is ARealGirl, and we’re back with another round with Evo Terra, founder of, and Sheila Dee, author of THE ROOKIE Curriculum Guide. They helped get another show pre-recorded so I’d have time to recover.

How’s my tonsillectomy recovery going? Well … slowly, I guess. Seems I’m doing fine, and I mostly feel okay. That is, until I have to swallow. For any reason. That stinks all the stink. But otherwise things are good. Today I even ate solid food for the first time since last Thursday!

This ‘cast is all about the Empty Set origin story — just how did Scott & A come to work together, anyway? And we throw in the Podiobooks origin story as well: you’ve used it, you know you have, so how did that come to be? It was, as I mentioned last week, awesome and fun to have “SheVo” at Empty Set for the weekend.

Big thanks for those who shared their irrational fears last week! It was super fun to look forward to, and I’m still as perplexed and fascinated as ever at how humans behave.

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FridayFix • Friends, beers, irrational fears

Also: chugging mouthwash, puberty, George Burns impressions, Angry Trivial Pursuit™, DEATHRACE 2000, anti-boobie laws, and the worst nightmare Scott has ever had.

Deathrace 2000On this week’s FridayFix we’re lucky to have our good friends Evo Terra and Sheila Dee join us. They came to San Diego for a visit, and sat down to talk irrational fears.

Why, you ask? This was recorded last weekend, and yesterday I had a tonsillectomy. It went well, straightforward with no complications, but back on Saturday night, I didn’t know all of that. I just knew I was scared with some reasonable fears, and some … less so. THIS TITLE.mp3

So listen first, then cheer me up by telling me about your irrational fears in the comments section! I promise to check in obsessively in the few hours a day I’m not sleeping a drug fueled sleep after fighting to swallow as little as possible and still stay hydrated.

Also, we discuss chugging mouthwash, puberty, George Burns impressions, Angry Trivial Pursuit™, DEATHRACE 2000 (not 3000), your constitutional right to go topless, anti-boobie laws, giant fucking spiders, and the worst nightmare Scott has ever had.

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FridayFix • T-Shirt poll results!

We polled and we pondered. We discussed at the Office of Doom. And we’ve decided which designs we’re moving forward with, even if not all of them will make it to an actual t-shirt. We’re in a terrific spot: so many good ideas, we’ve got to see art on more than expected!

Right now, we’ll print a new Krakens t-shirt, plus one each of the non-Krakens designs and the non-GFL designs. Which ones? Sorry, you’ll have to listen to the cast. Don’t worry, it’s only ten minutes long! Ten minutes!

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FridayFix • Pick our new T-shirts!

It’s time for new T-shirts! Who gets to choose what we make? You get to choose! Listen in to this awesome cast (there is slurping), click through to the post, then vote!

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FridayFix • Scott’s writing schedule for the rest of 2014

Inside Empty Set is back, and this time out we’re talking about Scott’s writing schedule for the rest of 2014, and early 2015. Info you want, and we have it!

Cover of the scifi/horror novel EARTHCORE, by New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler.We chat about big things:

  • ALIVE: out from Del Rey on July 14, 2015 (even though we say August 25th during this ‘cast!) How can you help us most? Pre-order the hardcover.
  • THE RIDER, the GFL novella co-written with Paul E. Cooley. Soon, people. Sooooon.
  • Dun dun dun! EARTHCORE is officially on the writing schedule! w00t!

We chat about other things:

  • Mormon Jello: seriously people, I don’t know why it works, but it works.
  • Paul E. Cooley’s THE BLACK: We talk a bit about Cooley awesome deep-sea scare-fest THE BLACK. Get some for yourself Junkies!
  • The FDO’s insistence on slurping his Sidecar. Goodness we don’t need much more of that. (I used this yummy recipe!)
  • Batman.


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