FridayFix — Post-PANDEMIC Tour Wrap Up & GFL Pre-order Prep!

PANDEMIC tour re-cap and how to prep for the GFL Book V pre-order, happening Feb 1!

A couple of weeks back we did a little podcast about how we went about booking the PANDEMIC Tour. Today we’re bringing you a short sweet little wrap up recorded this week just as Scott was heading home at the end of a successful tour.

We also talk a bit about the big GFL pre-order event coming this Saturday! Ready or not, it’s almost here! Check out the crowd at the Redondo Beach Mysterious Galaxy, below, all of whom came out for the LA stop of the PANDEMIC tour. Some didn’t make it out alive, but there were a lot of them, so it’s not really a problem.

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FridayFix — Booking the PANDEMIC Book Tour

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to get Scott out on the road for a book tour, this FridayFix is for you.

Listen to learn everything you ever need to know about the PANDEMIC Tour, but also for tips, tricks and guidelines in case you ever want to book your own tour.  We do things a little more punk-rock style than the Big 6, as you might imagine.

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Cover for PANDEMIC released

Book III in the INFECTED Trilogy

I posted this on G+, Facebook, Twitter … can you believe it slipped my mind to post it here? Yeah. Idiot. I know. Actually, I thought I had posted it, and was suprised this morning when I came to see if anyone had any thoughts or comments. Go, Junkies, I give you the cover of […]

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May is pretty much dedicated to the first draft of PANDEMIC, which is the third and final book in the INFECTED trilogy. I’m 40,000 words in, and it feels like it will be about 160,000 words total. By comparison, ANCESTOR was 150,000 words, and NOCTURNAL was 195,000.

I won’t give spoilers here […]

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