Poll: The Most-Ridiculous Bowl Game Name

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Vote on the Krakens helmet for THE CHAMPION

Galactic Football League Book IV is THE CHAMPION, and you can vote on the helmet in this YA / young adult series.

Junkies, sometimes teams update their helmets. Your favorite NFL team’s lid has likely gone through a few changes: some are dramatic, some are subtle. The Ionath Krakens are considering a helmet re-design for the 2686 season, and team owner Gredok the Splithead has decided to leave it up to you, the fan.

We’ve had problems with overzealous fans “stuffing the ballot box” in previous polls, so you have to have a registered profile to vote. You get one vote. We’ll check IPs if we have to (but we don’t want to). We love you all, but you’re crazy with the ballot-box stuffing, so get your one vote in and let the fans decide!

1) Sign into your account on this site (or create one by clicking here).
2) Put a comment on this post with one of the following choices: Current, Modified #1 or Modified #2

We’ll close the poll at midnight Eastern time on Sunday, June 22. The winning design will be included in the book’s text. Boom!


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THE ROOKIE audiobook is finally out!

All four GFL novels available on iTunes/Audible/Amazon

THE ROOKIE unabridged audiobook is Book I of the Galactic Football League series, now available on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.

That’s right, Junkies, THE ROOKIE is finally available as a full-length, unabridged, ad-free audiobook. You can get the whole honkin’ 17-hour audiobook and enjoy the smashmouth scifi, the gridiron gore, and the quest for the ring (GFL championship ring, that is).

THE ROOKIE on Audible, get it for free with a no-risk, 30-day Audible Free Trial (learn more about the trial at http://www.scottsigler.com/audible-free-trial)

• Tunes
• Amazon Audio
Audible (If you aren’t already an Audible customer, it’s free as part of a 30-day, no-risk trial)

Just in time for you to bone up before THE CHAMPION hits in September, 2014.
• THE CHAMPION (Sept. 2014).

It’s brand-new, so the reviews at Audible and iTunes are looking a bit bare. If you listened to the story already and don’t want to experience this gritty coming-of-age story a second time, do us a favor and leave a review (or two, or in all three places). Reviews are author gold and one of the best ways to show your love for a work.

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Merry Christmas from Empty Set!

It’s Christmas, and the FDØ and I wanted to celebrate with all of you!

Here’s the deal: starting right now through midnight Pacific Time on Friday, December 27th, all the […]

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UK fan discovers football from GFL books

I had many reasons to write the GFL series. First, I love sports and I love scifi. Second, I believe that athletics gets little credit for being the primary racially integrative force in American culture. I believe a whole lot of us get along a whole lot better than we would have were it […]

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No GFL pre-order this year

Junkies, for the first time since 2008, we will not be doing a hardcover pre-order event. The event will be back next year, on SuperBowl Saturday, February 1, 2014.

You may have heard us mention that this year’s pre-order was supposed to be a hardcover compendium of three GFL novellas: THE REPORTER, THE DETECTIVE […]

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Eye Candy: THE DETECTIVE cover

Awwwww … (wait for it) … SNAP!

It’s almost here, Junkies, the second GFL novella, THE DETECTIVE.

This one is co-authored with one of my favorite authors, Matt “FN” Wallace (the FN doesn’t stand for “Fillmore Nash,” if you […]

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