Contains Scott's story "Throwdown"

The third in editor Shawn Speakman’s masterful anthology series, this tome will include both a new DUNE story as well as 20,000 new words (80 pages) from Robert Jordan’s WHEEL OF TIME series, written by Brandon Sanderson. Click here to order directly from the publisher.

Scott’s story “Throwdown” is a sequel to the story “Victim with a Capital V,” which was in UNFETTERED II.

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  1. Evadene

    Thank You for having Earthcore on podcast!
    I’m retired from work now, and doing some sewing for a gentlemen that I know. Seven dining room chair cushions. I listen to your podcast as I sew. It’s so much better than just sitting there.
    Love the podcast. I started listening to you when I wanted to read a book but had to mow the lawn. Well I found the I-Pod and downloaded one of you podcast and I was hooked!!
    Thank you for doing what you do!!
    I do enjoy it!
    Just one of your fans!

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