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Armored little people riding armored dinosaurs in a full-contact bloodsport? Welcome to Dinolition, the biggest show in the galaxy. Star rider Poughkeepsie Pete and his T-Rex mount “Old Bess” are fixtures of a league struggling to reach profitability and gain intergalactic recognition, to be thought of as something other than circus-freak sideshows.

But to get that credibility — and the massive payday that comes with it — Pete has to manage a league commissioner with a God complex, deal with a devious team owner, navigate a web of organized crime trying to fix matches, and dodge religious zealots set on killing him and the dinos alike — all while grooming the next generation of riders that will carry the sport into a new age of glory.

In THE RIDER, authors Paul E. Cooley and #1 New York Times bestseller Scott Sigler give “ride till ya die” a whole new meaning.

THE RIDER is a scifi eBook and audiobook available from Amazon and Audible.

Cover art by Ray Dillon, cover design by Scott E. Pond. Click on the cover image at left to see it full-size, it’s fantastic.

The Galactic Football League is a space opera series that combines crime, scifi and sports.

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  1. Liam Kemble-Young

    hi Scott
    loving the GFL titles from Graphic Audio. they’ve done a great job on the series I must say.
    is that it after the Champion then or are there going to be more books in the series?
    now just waiting for GA to release the Champion and the Rider 🙂

  2. ratman19

    Just finished listening to chapter one, and I am so stoked. Unbelievable how quickly Sigler/Cooley were able to mentally/emotionally/spiritually (and maybe a tad bit sadistically) bring me right back into the siglerverse. Although I am confident you are already fully aware of this Scott, I know I’m not only speaking for myself when I say one of the reasons I remain a proud junkie addict, is because nothing compares to listening to a GFL story, that is read by you.

    Now only if you could find a way to clone yourself and force your clone to write/record 24/7.

      1. ratman19

        Your welcome. I hope my comment wasn’t read in any way as a negative opinion on the amount of time you dedicate towards your craft. I have faith that you allow yourself 3-4 hours sleep a night, 15-20 minutes of family/leisure time a day, 2-5 minutes of bathroom breaks, and then spend the rest of the day writing/recording. That seems fair to me, so don’t beat yourself up over it.

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