Book One: The Crew

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THE CRYPT Book One: The Crew is not available in print or as an eBook at this time. Enjoy the free, unabridged audio via the links above.

It is the best-kept and worst-kept secret in the Planetary Union navy. The PUV James Keeling, a warship that does things that no other ship can do. It is a weapon, and a liability. The rumor is that eighty percent of the people assigned to the Keeling die before their two-year stint is up. That rumor is the reason for the ship’s nickname — they call the Keeling “the Crypt,” because it is full of the dead.Those with a promising career, those with connections, those that can can avoid service on the Keeling do just that.

But still, the ship must fight, and for that, it needs a crew. The navy assigns the worst of the worst: cowards, thieves, murderers, rapists or those with nowhere else to go, no way to opt out. Your choice is simple: be executed for your crimes, or serve two years on the keeling.If you make it out alive, your record is wiped clean and you get a fresh start.

For this crew of just over 100 souls, it will be the longest two years they have ever faced. What is this ship? Where did it come from? And why, oh, why, won’t everyone stop screaming …

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  1. Muddy_Junkie

    Hey Scott,

    To your comment “We hope to be writing it by mid-2018, with it out 2019.”. Is The Crypt Book 1 going to get a rewrite? Or can you jump straight into Book 2?

      1. Nrome

        Hi Captain Scott,
        First time listening to your books,
        The crypt is really addicting also kissyman and contagious
        My favour till now is the crypt

  2. Domenico Di Pilato

    Dear Scott,
    I’ve recently become hooked on your books and I’m coming to the end of The Crypt. What a ride. Will book two be out anytime soon? I need to know what happens

  3. carlitoz

    Come on I need my fix Man, “I got these cheeseburgers. They some double cheeseburgers”?. Haha keep up the good work your the best hope to hear something new soon

      1. Craig Backus

        I’m still having nightmares about the crew captured by aliens, trying to negotiate for their release, and simply cooked in a variety of ways for their captor’s enjoyment! Your mind is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, and jettisoned into space!

    1. veniteo

      Scott, i havent seen any info on book 2 or 3, what is going on? first it was 2010, then it was 2013, then 2014, not its nearing the end of ’15 and nothing! i love all of your work, but cmon, you left all of us hanging with that second shakedown episode.

  4. OJFiras

    Oh come on man, take my money and give me more of the Keeling…
    I’m a follower of your work for almost 10 years now, you da man.

  5. Barry Cullum

    I have heard the back stories on how all the characters got on the Crypt, but is there any other story? I haven’t seen one in the Sigler feed that I have been subscribed to since Earthcore.

  6. Valerie

    I am a junkie! Started with Bones are White, got hooked and went through Infected and Contagious in less than a week (it helps I have a long commute). But my question is…has anyone made a study guide for the Crypt universe? I love how all the stories connect if you pay attention! I’m lisening to The Crypt again to catch more connections, but I’m going to have to breakout the notepad soon! If it’s already made, that would be AWESOME!!

  7. Andy Dillbeck

    So I see an email saying to check out the Crypt stuff… Awesome!!
    Oh, wait Scott, it’s still the old stuff.
    In one email you raised my hopes and then dashed them against the floor.
    Now I gotta add it to my queue to listen to again.

      1. veniteo

        Scott, Is this book set in the same universe as the GFL books? ( im aware it seems to be pre-Alien contact) and im also interested to know if so what the craft that assaults the washington is/ what race they are, could you help me out a little bit?

        1. scottsigler

          @veniteo: Yes, it’s the same universe. It’s our universe (yours and mine) 500 years from now. The GFL is 700 years from now.

          As for the race that assaults the Washington D.C., that is as-yet unknown in the story.

  8. Zerbubus

    so when is Book 2 for The Crypt coming, and will it be audio. i’m a truck driver and listening to audio books is a great way to relieve the boredom of the open road. Infected was awesome, Ancestor was very good, Earthcore had an amazing twist, and this one, well it was great and really going well, then it ended and i never found out what the ship’s mission was. Scott your one of my favorite authors, i place your books among the best, give us book 2.

    1. scottsigler

      We hope to be working on it at the end of the year. We’ve had some great opportunities come up in the world of TV adaptations, and have had to commit significant amounts of time trying to make that happen. It’s thrown everything off-schedule. Glad you dig the stories!

  9. pandionknight

    Great questions.

    I can’t believe Contagious is finished or that Perry is gone. So now I’m listening to the in between podcasts and thought there were some great questions in this Q&A – loved the one about the voicebox guy.

    P.s. Just bought Infected and it’s on it’s way, YAY!



    So sorry I missed the time limited registration but I’m an original junkie, been around since Earthcore and still loving it.

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