A sequel to TITLE FIGHT

Due out April 30, 2019 – we will post links to vendors as soon as the are available.

THE REEF is a sequel to TITLE FIGHT. It’s DJANGO UNCHAINED meets GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY in this bloody, bare-knuckle brawl of a story.

Chaiyal “the Heretic” North, former Intergalactic Heavyweight Champ, flees the wrath of crimelord Gredok the Splithead by going to a place Gredok can’t reach — “the Reef.” A frontier planetoid where citizens try to scratch a living from the rock, the Reef is a lawless land ruled by the strong and the vicious.

For Chai, it’s a hardscrabble life vastly removed from his former superstardom. No more media, no more octagon, no more bright lights, and no more mods. When he hits rock bottom, he must carve out a new existence free from the weight of his past.

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    1. scottsigler

      Super Mega Awesome Fan: Audible has an issue where the end didn’t populate correctly. Please delete the book, re-download it on Tuesday, May 21, and the problem should be fixed.

        1. A Kovacs

          Yes. Amazon owns both Audible and iTunes audiobooks. iTunes can take up to a week to update after it publishes at Audible, but often it’s just a day or two later. In any case, we sadly have no control over the timing, but YES, these fixes will also update to iTunes!

      1. Super mega fan

        Thank ya sir! It worked. There is still a little hiccup on the second to last chapter but I’m sure next time I listen to it that bug will be worked out just the same. Y’all both rock! Appreciate y’all very much!

      1. A Kovacs

        Unlikely. It’s been submitted to Audible, but their QA process takes up to 21 business days. I’d look for it in May at least, probably at least the second week.

  1. Tim Tharp

    I just listened to the first episode and NEED the entire book. Green paper is burning a hole in my pocket and I want to give it to you!!! Hoping it’s up on Audible soon!!

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