THE MVP is the fourth book in the Galactic Football League series, following on THE ROOKIE, THE STARTER and THE ALL-PRO.

Set in a lethal American professional football league seven centuries in the future, THE MVP puts huge humans on the field with four alien
races, creating a game that is faster, stronger and deadlier than anything we know today. Star quarterback Quentin Barnes has spent three seasons putting together a hard-hitting, hard-fighting team that combines rookies, rejects, discarded free agents and seasoned veterans from all five species. He has fought against racism and bound his team together through shared sacrifice, blood, tragedy and victory.

But this season, Quentin faces the biggest challenge yet – the deadly threat of the mysterious Prawatt, who seized the ship carrying Quentin, and his teammates. As THE MVP begins, the Ionath Krakens face certain death at the hands of this unknown race.

The GFL series combines science fiction, crime and blistering sports action to create a non-stop, pulse-pounding adventure that you can’t put down until the last second ticks off the clock.

The 2,000-copy print run for hardcovers are signed, numbered, limited-edition collectors item with 16 color pages inside. The insert is “Sorenson’s Guide to the Galaxy,” covering the 14 major governments. How many planets does each system have? What’s the population? The style of government? Find out here!
THE MVP audiobook is performed by Scott Sigler, with extra sound effects for the games. Thrill to the feeling of being there!

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