Book III of the INFECTED Trilogy

It began with one man’s battle, then spread to infect a nation. Now, the entire world will suffer.

“In PANDEMIC our fears of the apocalypse hangs by a slender thread of hope. Sigler brings serious game with a book that seriously rocks the action while delving deep into character, and does it with a novel that is as lyrical as it is powerful. Highly recommended.”
Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of EXTINCTION MACHINE and FIRE & ASH

“Page-turning, spell-binding, horrifying, and thrilling. Don’t even dream of starting the first book, unless you want to have absolutely no choice but to rip through all three.”
Ramez Naam, author of NEXUS

“With it’s razor sharp prose and attention to detail combined with skin crawling body horror and apocalyptic threat, Scott Sigler’s Pandemic reads like the love child of Michael Crichton and David Cronenberg.”
James S.A. Corey, New York Times bestselling author of LEVIATHAN

The Infected trilogy ends with this incredible book that offers up a conclusion readers will not soon forget. As always, this is a unique horror story even more terrifying than the other books before it.
Suspense Magazine 

Scott Sigler’s INFECTED shocked readers with a visceral, up-close account of physical metamorphosis and one man’s desperate fight for sanity and survival, as “Scary” Perry Dawsey suffered the impact of an alien pathogen’s early attempts at mass extinction. In the sequel CONTAGIOUS, Sigler pulled back the camera and let the reader experience the frantic national response to this growing cataclysm.

And now in PANDEMIC, the entire human race balances on the razor’s edge of annihilation, beset by an enemy that turns our own bodies against us, that changes normal people into psychopaths or transforms them into nightmares.

To some, Doctor Margaret Montoya is a hero — a brilliant scientist who saved the human race from an alien intelligence determined to exterminate all of humanity. To others, she’s a monster — a mass-murderer singlehandedly responsible for the worst atrocity ever to take place on American soil. All Margaret knows is that she’s broken. The blood of a million deaths is on her hands. Guilt and nightmares have turned her into a shut-in, too mired in self-hatred even to salvage her marriage, let alone be the warrior she once was. 

But Margaret is about to be called into action again. Because before the murderous intelligence was destroyed, it launched one last payload — a soda-can-sized container filled with deadly microorganisms that make humans feed upon their own kind. That harmless-looking container has languished a thousand feet below the surface of Lake Michigan, undisturbed and impotent . . . until now.

Part Cthulhu epic, part zombie apocalypse and part blockbuster alien-invasion tale, PANDEMIC completes the INFECTED trilogy and sets a new highwater mark in the world of horror fiction.

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  1. Jim Wallis

    Hi Scott and A
    I listened to the Galactic Football series on podcast a couple of years ago. Brilliant work (even bought the T shirt). I’ve recently recommended it to my son, who wants to hear them.
    However, it looks like only The Rookie is now available. Where did the following podcast books go, have they been made unavailable?

    Jim in the UK

  2. Duncan Moffatt

    anymore on hunter hunterson and sons and the crypt?! Freddie the homophobic fairy had me in stitches with his first meeting with hunter and the crypt was creepy and more corrupt than a politician (just!)

      1. Duncan Moffatt

        Great! Loved the dark humour from Hunter. Especially the first time he meets Freddie the homophobic San Francisco fairy. I was walking along the street nearly doubled over with laughter!

  3. Michael Black

    Hi there, I have been a fan of your work since I was a teenager. I would listen over and over again. I’ve revisited your work now while I’m a little older so that I can fully appreciate it. Problem is, I’m so used to you reading your own work, that when I bought this on audible, it didn’t feel right at all. Is there any way that I could get a permenent copy of the original recordings some how? I don’t even mind paying again if I can 🙂

        1. A Sigler

          Nope, the math doesn’t make sense. We lose two to three weeks of writing time at minimum, plus we’d be out the cost of the previous production. I appreciate that some folks would prefer an FDO-read version, but the cost of doing so it just to high for us to justify.

          Now, if you’d like to hire him at the normal production rate, and pay for his vacation from his “day job” of writing, please let me know. I’m a business woman and wouldn’t pass up a $10K sponsor lightly. 😉

  4. Sean V

    I first heard of Scott Sigler on the Joe Rogan Podcast. I then listened to Earthcore, Infected & Contagious from his Episodic Podcast releases. When I recently learned that Pandemic was available as an episodic podcast, I decided to go ahead and purchase the Kindle version as well as the Audiobook companion. To go ahead and pay the great author some much deserved muns for his hard work and great novels. He is a very good author and I really appreciate the attention to detail as far as possible scientific accuracy and weapon selection used in his books. Great work Sir!

  5. Pavillon Rouge

    I just finished reading “Alive” and “Alone” and I’m really, really fan of your work ! When could we hope to see your next books in french please ? Like “Alight”, “Contagious” or “Pandemic” ? Please tell us it will come soon !!

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  7. Victoria

    Any plans on this coming out in paperback? I have Infected and Contagious in paperback and was really hoping to add this one to my collection. It’s been out for a few years now and the last mention I can find of it was you saying they’d release it October 2014.

    1. A Sigler

      As far as we know, a release date hasn’t been set for PANDEMIC in paperback. We have no control over this as the paperback rights are owned by Crown Publishing, not us. We’d like to see it out sooner rather than later as well.

  8. Matt

    I used to listen to audio booms everyday over boring things to keep my kind off work, j came across you books and ive listened to earthcore, infected and almost done with contagious. Im more than estactic to jear pandemic and will definitely be listening to the gfl next. Keep up the great work. I never have time to read, but im always in the mood one another great scott sigler book.

  9. Jim

    Hi. Found your brilliant audiobooks a couple of months back. So far I’ve listened to Nocturnal and Infected, and I’m now nearing the end of Contagious.
    They make my commute to work and back something to look forward to!
    I even bought a new car radio so I can plug my iPod straight in and hear the books through the speakers.
    Am I right in thinking Pandemic hasn’t been released with the others yet?

    Jim in the UK.

      1. Joe G

        WHY?!?!?! I’m about to wrap up Contagiuos thanks to DevoSpice’s recommendation and need to know the rest of what happens lol reeaaaddd ittttt read it read it read it read it

    1. scottsigler

      Nichoel: Best bet is to read them in the order they were published.
      • INFECTED
      • ANCESTOR
      • PANDEMIC

      But! PANDEMIC closes out the trilogy of INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS, so you can read those in order as a trilogy if you like.

          1. Nichoel

            thanks for the update. your work is amazing, it’s what gets me through my day at work, being stuck at a pc.

          2. A Sigler

            Looks like probably late 2017 or sometime in 2018 for the podcast, but we have nothing solid on the schedule.

            If you can’t wait, it’s available as an unabridged audiobook now at iTunes, Amazon and Audible.

    1. scottsigler

      Amy: Right below the PANDEMIC cover in the upper-left-hand corner of this page there are grey buttons. One says “Audible,” and one says “Download on iTunes.” Those are audiobooks. The audiobook is also on the Amazon page (just click the button that says “Amazon.”)

  10. SKB

    I am an exhausted shell of myself after I stayed up last night and finished Contagious. I’ve started on Pandemic now and I’m reading it by stealth at my desk. If I pull an all-nighter tonight, I will probably lose my job. Damn you Sigler, you’ll probably be responsible for my career plunge into the black voice of dispair and unemployment.

    Keep up the good work 😉

  11. Morgan Graham

    Your writing is brilliant! I binge listened to your work and love stories like the Inf/Con/Pandemic trilogy. I love the fast paced quick thinking needed to try to deal with not only human beings and extraterrestrials but the matter of microbiological threats. And on top of the gore, the violence (none of which I really noticed or blink at) and the precipice of the apocalypse… make me laugh!

    Talent indeed.

    Keep it up because you have a new die hard fan.

  12. Milton

    Hey Scott,

    I have a long conmuté ro work everyday and I dreaded the drive (1.5 hours each way) and I came across your audio book for infected ant it kept me at the edge of my seat! I am listening to Contagious and I can not wait to get to my car. Keep up the great work that you do and I can’t wait to get to the last part of the trilogy.

  13. Samantha

    I just stumbled upon your infected series last week. I’m just finishing Contagion!

    Its not often books make my stomach turn due to content but your description of the triangles in the body quite frankly grossed me out. Awesome!

    Keep it up, I’m hooked!

    Thank You!

  14. Jeff

    Just got through listening to the audiobook version of Pandemic…SO GOOD! I was disappointed when I learned it wasn’t narrated by the author like all the other books. With that said, Phil Gigante did an excellent job and I quickly got wrapped up in listening to the story. An awesome end to the trilogy!

  15. Jordan Nolan


    Just wanted to say thanks for writing a great trilogy. I remember listening to it while riding in the car with my parents on our vacation in 2008, was 16 at the time. Never fully was able to finish it until last week. I listened to the podcasts for the past two weeks trying to get to the Pandemic. Can’t wait to listen to the last book and see how it all ends.

    Great work,

  16. Andy29

    Hey Scott. When is a german version of Pandemic coming out?. I really enjoyed ” Infiziert” and ” Virulent” and all your other books. Unfortunately my english sucks 🙂

  17. Andy29

    Hey Scott. When is a german version of pandemic coming out. I really enjoyed ”Infiiziert” , ”Virluent” and all your other novels. Unfortounatly my english sucks :).
    It is sufficent for reading Dan Brown stuff but i want to understand your books:)

  18. Kyle Kelly

    I’m finishing the contagious podcast right now and would gladly pay for the third podcast! I can’t imagine the final part of the story without your voice acting – I’ve really enjoyed it for the first two! Certainly planning to add this trilogy to my print collection. Any idea about Eta for a podcast, free or otherwise?

    Great job man, so glad I discovered your work (through your podcasts, fyi).

  19. Emily

    I was wondering when Pandemic will be a free podcast? I enjoy listening at bedtime and was so disappointed when I finished Contagious and realized I had to wait!

  20. sigfan

    Loved infected and contagious. Good voice work. Can’t wait for Pandemic to come out. One, that will mean that Nocturnal is finally finished, and two, because that will mean that pandemic will be out.
    As for this static you are taking about Mr. Gigante, those complainers are dicker-prickers Phil is great. There are times that he really sounds like more that one person is doing the voices. Differen than you but still awesome. The only audiobook reader I have heard nearly as talented as you and Phil would be Cyrus Martin who wrote and read Ethan Eternal. You are busy but if you have some time check out Ethan Eternal. Dark stuff for sure. Thanks

  21. Msullivan

    At 12:30 in the morning, I kept on saying “just one more chapter” in my head. By 1:00 am I was still reading frantically. At 1:30 am I finished PANDEMIC after having read for 7 hours straight. I have to be up at 6:30 am. I sacrificed sleep for a great story that I literally couldn’t put down. Now, I have to read the first two in the series!

  22. spook

    Dude you are so cool this is so far the best I’ve heard in this trilgy. I’ve waited for 2 years to hear this story and so far you have not let me down I play my XBOX while I listen to this I wish you would find a friend who is into gaming and assist them in making a game out of this story. Anyway Scott keep up the great writing.

  23. GrossePointeZombie

    Thank you for one hell of an amazing ride. I could not put all three of this series down. Infected was horrifically disturbing like none other (I mean that in a very good way) Having grown up in the Detroit suburbs, Contagious was a real treat with all the downtown locations that you featured. I could visualize the insane mayhem so vividly.

    And the Chicago sequences of Pandemic were absolutely compelling. I kept picturing a game (though set in NY) I played years back called Prototype. Was that game by chance any influence?

    I will read everything you write from now on. I promise to be a Jeff to your COOOOPER. But less…yellow.

  24. bowbina

    How lucky am I to have just started rereading my beat up copies of infected and contagious? I had no idea there was a pot of gold waiting for me at the end of a triangle rainbow! totally buying your new shit after I’m done…just give me a couple of days until i flip you a coin sir.

  25. Kelley

    An online acquaintance recommended Infected. Now I can’t put it down but I have to on occasion as it freaks me out! The story is so compelling and really draws you in. If only I’d stop scratching! Definitely getting the two next books for some lite nighttime reading 😉

  26. Graeme Lamb

    You just got more of my pennies after finding out that the sexual harassment case waiting to happen, Tim Feely, is in Ancestor.

    You’ll get a lot more seeing as you consistently impress my eyeballs with your textual goodness.

    Thanks for replying and I fucking loved Pandemic as well.

    Also – not sure if it’s a digital fuck up (bought it on my tablet to save the delivery wait) or it made it into print but, Klimas’ name showed up as “Climes” on a few occasions. Sort of confused me a wee bit!

  27. Benjamin

    I remember being completely bored while bringing my Infant to the library. (terrible ideas are my specialty) I looked through the fiction section and found “Infected”. Before that moment I had never heard of the great Scott Sigler. I started reading and I was forced to put it down at the beginning of chapter three by a cranky squealing baby. A few weeks later I bought the hardback version and bought Contagious on the Nook. I was unable to satiate any cravings for the dark gritty mayhem you bring to the pages of those books until Pandemic was released. I wont lie, it had me sweating toward the end; I even had a towel to wipe it off of my forhead. lol. Your books are amazing. They are probably the most amazing science fiction I have ever read.

    Thank you for the Infected Trilogy!!! It ruined me for any other science fiction novels… Thanks for that too.

  28. Graeme Lamb

    Just wanted to say thank you for this series. I bought Infected on a whim at a supermarket (I have a hard-on for weird, alien shit) and have been obsessed with this series ever since. I literally recommend it to anyone who asks about ideas for new books to read.

    So, from Scotland – cheers for killing my soul at the end of Contagious and you’re the only author to hold my attention with regards to literally not being able to put any of these books down when I can spare the time to read them!

    Thanks, dude!

  29. Cynthia

    I’m happy this is finally released. I’ve been dragging my feet in getting new hard copies of the series(the others met an unfortunate end in a fire) and now I have no excuse. ^_^

    I’m happy I checked in before buying the audio version. Changing voices happens from time to time but it can definitely affect sales if you get bad reviews based on the voice. Just look up Jim Butcher’s Ghost Story on Audible.

  30. Pat Caton

    So disappointed in the audio since it is TOTALLY different voice. Hard to get into and pay attention. I will probably have to spend more money to buy the actual book to just read and pretend the voices I grew to enjoy.

      1. veniteo

        I’m one of them, your voice acting was ungodly, but in a devilishly good way. I think anyone who listened to the old stuff, all the way back to the original nocturnal, earthcore, even infected, would agree. why the outsourcing, man?

        1. scottsigler

          @venito: Uh … thanks?

          We outsourced because we were so backed up on deadlines. To put it simply, if I was doing the audio for NOCTURNAL and PANDEMIC, both books would still be unrecorded today, and probably not available at all until late 2015.

          1. veniteo

            perfectly understandable, Phil is a great voice actor, and i’ll always enjoy the original stories. He does a great job of portraying the emotions and characters in your writing, probably the #1 concern I’d harbored about another voice actor, great books, Scott, keep up the good work, FDO.

  31. Trey

    It had been a while since I checked on the status of Pandemic (because I am a horrible person and also because parenthood), and it probably would have been even longer had I not listened to your latest appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience while driving from southern West Virginia to northern PA.

    And now I know exactly what I’ll be listening to on the drive back.

    -logs into Audible-

  32. DG

    I am debating on listening to this one on book on tape. The first two were great because of Perry and Dew. Margaret was my least favorite character. Now that they are dead I am unsure as to how much I would enjoy the finale.

  33. Ridley Korika Silverlake

    I want to read it so badly, but I want to buy the paperback version so that I can have the matching set on my shelf! My boyfriend and I discovered Contagious in a library during a modeling shoot for me, and we got both Infected and Contagious in both paperback and Kindle for Christmas.

    Does anyone know when the paperback version will come out? Heck, I’d pre-order it if I could. This series is one of the most well-written modern works I’ve ever read and I love it. If I were a movie director I would scoop it up in a snap.

  34. Gary Marx

    Scott did a great job for the first two books, but don’t discount Phil Gigante on his masterful work on Pandemic. The voices are so distinct so as to make listening a breeze as far as distinguishing the different characters.

    The book is wonderful no matter who reads it. The content speaks for itself.

  35. Jerome mcafee

    Mistake no one can read Scotts work like he can. nor master each characters voice. I am big fan and want to buy pandemic but if Scotts not doing it I don’t know. that’s what makes scott a hit the whole package content and narration. Don’t say screw the audio book fans. hope you do even more narrations and become a even bigger hit best of luck.

  36. Todd Taylor

    My first Scott Sigler hardback (Pandemic) just arrived! I’ve also got the audiobook, which I’ve already started. So now the dilemma is…audio or paper, audio or paper…?!

    1. Todd Taylor

      I finally finished listening to the audiobook version this morning. I had goosebumps at the very end. Luckily they were goosebumps and nothing popped out! Great book Scott and way to end the trilogy. Scarily, some of the stuff in the book, like anti-vaccinationers (sic?), is really happening and could have a serious impact on public health should some of the nearly wiped-out diseases resurface. Get your family vaccinated and read this book today, but not necessarily in that order!

  37. Jacqkd55

    Pandemic was a gripping novel and just like Infected and Contagious, I was up until 4:30. I’m supposed to be studying for my Medical Coding Certification exam but I had to cancel my reservation for a study room. But it was worth it! The science writing is fanastic…(Fearing the rogue neutrophils!)

      1. veniteo

        I prefer the original nocturnal podcast. I have to say Scott, you should consider doing the voicing yourself, no matter the strain. it shows your incredible talent to write as well as voice act. Been listening to/reading your books since the Infected book was a new release. Keep up the Virulent works 😉

        1. A Sigler

          We did consider having Scott read it, and in the 19 months between when the hardcover for NOCTURNAL was released and we released the audiobook, we never had time to make that happen.

          I surely understand missing Scott’s voice, but it’s never ever going to be a question of waiting long enough for Scott to have time to do it. The only question is this: would you prefer no audiobook at all, or one where Phil reads for us?

          Won’t ever be a choice between Phil and Scott. Ever. It’s a choice between Phil or nothing.

  38. Phillipatomus

    I haven’t “read” a book in years. Usually just do audiobooks. But I can’t wait for audible this time. I listened to Infected and Contagious mid 2013 and have been waiting for the finale.

    Glad Scot did Rogan, didn’t realize book was coming out until I listened to the interview this week. It’s going to be a nice weekend getting thru this one.

    1. A Sigler

      We’re hoping within the next two weeks. It’s in review at Audible, but can’t tell you exactly when. I know this: it will be less than the 19 months it took to get NOCTURNAL out as an audiobook.

  39. bmackela

    Damn, Scott, you are one sick, twisted writer. You get everything so right. The dialog just jumps right off the page. Everything just sounds so right. It sounds like real people are talking right into my brain. And all of the action in your book, it’s just insane. Who can have all that stuff in his head? You must be totally bat-shit crazy, with a capital C and Z! Living with you must be a real, unbelievable trip.
    Scott Sigler blew me away with Pandemic. This is a great final book in the Infected Trilogy. His characters are so alive, and his ideas so far out, but believable. This book is very hard to put down. If you haven’t read the first two books, that’s too bad, but don’t let that stop you from jumping right in with Pandemic. After you finish, you will want to go right out and grab Infected, because that is where all this madness began. If you have been waiting for Pandemic for, what seems like forever, you won’t be disappointed. I hope that you can take a day off work, because you won’t want to go to bed until you finish.
    I give Pandemic 5 Stars out of 5 and TWO Big Thumbs Up! This is a great book, if you can read, you need to read it, if you can’t read, get the audiobook!

    I received this Digital Review Copy for free from and But I still purchased the hardcover, because I just have to have it!

  40. ZombieArmor

    Sorry if this had been posted already… But are you narrating Pandemic just like the rest of the Infected books or having someone else do it (Nocturnal)?

    Also, Go Hawks… 😉

    (From Seattle)

    1. A Sigler

      @ZombieArmor: Phil Gigante read PANDEMIC. I’m uploading it “as we speak” to Audible.

      The only books Scott will read himself moving forward are the GFL novels (and perhaps some of the novellas.)

  41. Alex

    hey scott i just heard you on the JRE podcast. you sound like a genuine and passionate author. Im interested in exploring your work. which audio book of yours would you recommend i begin with?
    cheers, Alex

  42. Murray B

    Greeting from across the pond!
    I am an enormous Stephen King nerd and this year I found your Infected podcast, I thought “this’ll probably suck but hey, it’s a free audiobook…” How wrong I was!
    Absolutely love you writing style, awesome character development, superb pacing and you’re damn good at performing them too!!
    I’ve consumed all your podcasts rather greedily and I can’t wait for PANDEMIC!
    Seriously though, where’s the UK book tour?? Sort it out buddy!

  43. Joshua Meyer

    Too bad there’s no Portland stop on the tour this time, but I totally get the reasons. I’ll just have to show up at the virtual stop!

    Scott, is there still going to be a virtual book stop on January 16th I can attend?

  44. Mai

    I can’t wait this book be published in greece too…scott sigler is one of my best writers…i loved infected n contagious…i loved it so much that i’ve read them more than once…they are great…a book worthreading n in my opinion worth being on movie too…

  45. Mike M

    Scott, I truly enjoyed Infected and Contagious. I travel and there were nights I hestitated before entering into Scary Perry’s world as I was alone in a hotel room. My daughter asked if she could have the books to read and since she is already nervous about living alone I told her no. But I am so excited about Pandemic coming out maybe I will relent and let her have them after I reread them. The release date has been in my calendar since I learned about the third book in the trilogy (hopefully series!). Thanks for stories that take you on a wild trip and that stick in your mind.

    – Mike (a fan)

    1. scottsigler

      @Mike: So glad you enjoyed the stories! PANDEMIC should be a good time. I think you let her read them. As Stephen King once wrote in a book, “perfect paranoia is perfect awareness.” Meaning, the more she is aware of what could be out there, the more she’ll pay attention to her surroundings. And, you guys could read PANDEMIC together (at the same time), which would be really fun.

  46. christopherjmcwhite_yahoo_com

    @Scottsigler I’m very surprised that the ’76 King Kong inspired you. It scared me too, but after seeing the 1933 original I then knew real terror…. Until I read Infected, that is. But I digress. I am so totally stoked to see you in Cambridge. I hope you will come with a case or two of books in your hand and a pre-order credit card reader wired up to your iPad so I can pre-order “The Champion” right before your scary little eyes. I also hope that you are willing to let this Junkie buy you a Balrog Black IPA at the pub-crawl afterwards. Anything that borrows its name from a demon from Hellfire in popular fiction cannot be bad tasting. Travel safely Scott

    1. scottsigler

      @PookiesLoveChild: I’m looking forward to Cambridge, bring a crew with you I want to pack that place. I love the ’33 version as well. And I have a touring rule of two Bud Lights and one shot of Tuaca per tour stop. Otherwise, I get to sloppy. When you’re doing this eight nights in a row and have to have an airplane ride and a show the next day, got to stay on-point.

  47. Timothy Gomez

    Hey Scott,

    Can’t wait for Pandemic. I see you will be in LA on Jan 26. If my wife, child and I come out there (from Phoenix) we’d be able to get some copies autographed?! Just want to make sure before we make our plans.

    -Tim G.

    1. scottsigler

      @Erica Demaray-Smith: Hey! We’re tickled you love them, that’s why we write them. And yes, PANDEMIC will be a free podcast. However! We will probably not be podcasting it on Jan 21 when the hardcover comes out. We’ll still be podcasting NOCTURNAL at that time, so PANDEMIC will run when NOCTURNAL is finished.

  48. VinceP1974

    I pre-ordered! I can’t wait for the book. I stumbled across the image of the cover of Infected this year and was so intrigued and then read Infected and Contagious in no time. Loved what you did to that little brat girl’s mother.. that was really creepy.

  49. Kelly

    Wow. Infected and Contagious are my favorite books of all time. So excited that there will be a 3rd one soon 🙂
    Thank you so much for writing such a fantastic series.

    1. scottsigler

      @taylorconnie: We’ve been working toward that for awhile. Crown stopped putting out the audiobooks because I keep giving them away as free podcasts. That meant ARealGirl and I had to find a way to put the books out, which we did. Using a narrator other than me helped as well, letting us get them done in a more timely fashion.

  50. colten willis

    Hey man i love ur shit and was wondering if u were ever gonna do another ancestor novel u left it at a pretty awseome ending but u could totally take it farther man

    1. scottsigler

      Chris Clarke: Yes, and yes. The audiobook recording should start next week, in hopes to have the full audiobook in the Audible, iTunes and Amazon audiobook stores by Jan. 21, the day the hardcover hits stores.

      We will also be podcasting PANDEMIC, for free, around September 2014.

      Do you have a user name on this site? I searched for “Chris Clarke” and didn’t find a user profile. Make one! Join us! jooooooin ussssssss.

          1. Powell360

            Thanks Scott, I love your work and so few authors this good would be this accessible

  51. Pewpschute

    Hey first heard about you on Rogan, have been devouring your material ever since. I have not been so into an author’s work in years sir!! Just finished contagious and am salivating over Pandemic. You have your own shelf at my place and God willing it’ll end up the whole bookcase 🙂 Thanks for the constantly interesting material and love the detail and forethought I can feel in your writting. Keep up the great work 🙂

    1. scottsigler

      @Pewpschute: Well a howdy-do right back at ya, sir. Rogan has bestowed upon me many blessings, you amongst them. I’ll keep writing, you keep reading (and pimpin’ the Sigler Stank wherever your feet may fall).

  52. Ray

    When is it going to be released on audiobook? Man, I see triangles everywhere while driving!
    Can´t wait to get my ears hooked to the third part! I dont have time to seat and read!

    1. scottsigler

      Ray: Work on the PANDEMIC audiobook will probably start sometime next week. The production team is finishing up the NOCTURNAL audiobook now. We expect PANDEMIC to be ready for release at the same time the hardcover hits stores, which is Jan. 21.

  53. Katharina Winter

    Hi Scott!

    Any ideas when it will be published in Germany?
    I asked your german publisher if there is a chance to publish the NFL series but they just said: “No.” without any explanation and that pissed me off, really it did.

    I hope there is a chance for “Pandemic”!

    1. scottsigler


      So sorry you had an unpleasant experience with my German publisher. That’s maddening, as I can’t control that part of things. But know this: we love ya!

      I don’t know when it will be out in German, but I think it should be right around the Jan. 21, 2014 US/UK publication date.

      1. Katharina Winter

        Dear Scott,

        I love you, too 🙂 Thank you for your response and be sure I’ll be one of the first to purchase “Pandemic” when it’s out in Germany. Seems like it’ll be the perfect birthday gift from me to myself 😀 Can’t wait for it.
        Regarding your German publisher: they don’t know what they miss. Pity.


  54. spleenfreak

    Can’t wait to see what happens. I just regret I won’t be working at borders books to pimp you wares anymore…..

    What are the chances of a pub tour for this book. I always love having you in the DC area my friend!

  55. Robin Cameron

    Scott, I’m one of your really, really old Australian/English/French fans and I have pre-ordered Pandemic on both and but I don’t want the hard cover and I don’t have a Kindle (I have an OPUS so I usually download ebooks from Kobo (UK). Pandemic is not yet listed there, can “a real girl” get a fix on this right away?

  56. Hayley

    Infected and Contagious are amazing. I read them a couple years back and to this day read them over and over again, which is rare for me. I love the sarcasm and detail that go into the characters. You are, by far, my favourite author. I can’t wait for Pandemic.

    PS- the end of Contagious made me bawl my eyes out. So long, Scary Perry Dawsey 🙁

  57. mark

    I just finished reading “Contagious”. I was at the library and was on a time restraint. I glanced down and read the title “Contagious”. Without knowing anything about the author or the book, I thought this will either be really good or the same story told a different way. I can honestly say that I was completely blown away! What an amazing story line and just an insanely talented author. I love how Scott touches on “factional” writing. Great work! A must read! I just figured out that “Contagious” is a sequel to “Infected” and a third book “Pandemic” is on the way. If “Pandemic” is half as good as the other two it would still be a great piece of work. Well I guess I get some really good reading material while I wait for the third installment of this mind blowing trilogy. I inspire to become a “Junkie” one day! Scott Sigler…simply brilliant!!!

  58. Chris

    Yeeeeesssss!!! Read the first two books a couple years backs and loved them…. I hope to fuck that scary perry makes a return .. . . Though what are the chances eh? Love this author. Love these books. It’s been painful waiting so long but as the fellow says . . . . Play through the pain.

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