Contains Scott's story "Vacation"

“Vacation” is an awesome crossover between the worlds of Joe Ledger and Scott Sigler’s novel NOCTURNAL. Bri-Bri and Pookie are back!

UNSTOPPABLE contain s original stories in Jonathan Maberry’s New York TimesĀ bestselling Joe Ledger universe by Larry Correia, Mira Grant, Scott Sigler, David Farland, Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon, Steve Alten, Jon McGoran, Dana Fredsti, Jennifer Campbell-Hicks, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, GP Charles, Keith DeCandido, James A. Moore, Aaron Rosenberg, Nicholas Steven, James Ray Tuck, Jeremy Robinson, and Maberry himself.

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  1. L. Renee Boyd

    Hi Scott,
    My husband and I are big fans. I love your stories! I RSS feed your podcast in iTunes and I noticed that Vacation’s description mentioned it is 3 part but I only seem to see 2. Is the 3rd installment still due out or did I miss it?

    Thanks for your crazy talented mind and hard work!
    ~ Renee

  2. Chris

    Just finished the Rookie via audio book. Being from Australia didn’t have a huge understanding of the football speak ( though I do know the positions & what they do) but thought this was a great story & getting ready for the next GFL book
    Thanks for all the audio books you have done. Spent the last 6 months going through as many as I can & have loved all of them

  3. KrakenWaterBottleBoy

    Reading is for suckas! I love listening to your audio books while commuting. When will the FDO get off his duff and record it in true Siglerized fashion?!

    Us junkies have needs! Feeeeed ME!

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