Kissyman vs. Nocturnals

Due out October, 2017 — An anthology edited by NY Times bestselling author Jonathan Mayberry.

Kissyman finds himself at odds with Marie’s Children in 1948 Manhattan. A crossover between the milieu created in Scotts’s novel NOCTURNAL and his two-fisted ex-Nazi hitman.

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  1. PatrickEMolloy

    This sounds awesome, but i am a little confused. Does this mean that nocturnal and kissyman are officially in the siglerverse?

  2. BigJohn

    So does this mean the Hunter Hunterson story that was going to be in that anthology is no longer part of the collection, or are we going to be lucky enough to have both Kissyman *and* Hunter Hunterson?

  3. Jerry

    Now this would be a great story. Pookie Chang’s grandfather could make a guest appearance that gets so scared he moves to San Francisco, can you say (vicious cycle).

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