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ALIGHT Episode #15

Em and Spingate were beaten by “Springers” and might have died if not for the attack of a snake-wolf, the dominant predator of Omeyocan. The beast killed two of the Springers and wounded a third. Em and the Springer she knows of only as “Purple” killed the beast. As the jungle rains poured down, Em, Spingate, Purple and the wounded springer took refuge in the ruins of what appears to be an ancient, mostly collapsed church. And now, Episode 15 of, ALIGHT.

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FridayFix • So You Wanna Be A Writer #6

Why writers and creators need a website

Hey, writer-person (and/or any creative person who wants to sell stuff) … you need a website. This video tells you why you need one right now, even if you don’t have your book out yet. Yes, it’s important. Yes, social media alone isn’t enough for your long-term career. Watch! Learn! Act!

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Join EFF’s Day of Action against Rule 41

Click here to email your congressperson on or before June 21, 2016.

I’m a supporter of the Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF),  the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. EFF works to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows.

The Department of Justice is using an obscure procedure to push through a rule change that will greatly increase law enforcement’s ability to hack into computers located around the world. It’s an update to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. If Congress does nothing, this massive change will automatically go into effect on December 1.

Why you should care about changes to “Rule 41”
It will result in a dramatic increase in government hacking. Here’s an overview of some of the main reasons to be concerned:

  • Government agents hacking into computers more frequently is a recipe for disaster. Law enforcement will increase their exploitation of security vulnerabilities in common software products, meaning vulnerabilities that could affect millions will be left open instead of patched.
  • Law enforcement will forum shop, finding government-friendly magistrate judges to sign off on warrants with a loose connection to the judicial district.
  • Law enforcement will pressure judges to sign off on remote searches of thousands of computers with a single warrant—a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment and a pattern we’re already seeing.

This rule change especially impacts people using privacy protective technologies like Tor or VPNs.

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ALIGHT Episode #13

Em, Bishop, Coyotl, Borjigin and Kalle survived the Springer attack, and now find themselves atop three huge “spiders,” mechanical war machines that respond to their commands. They’ve found a possible solution to the problem of the toxic osejawld and need to get it back to the other Birthday Children. Meanwhile, Aramovsky is back at the shuttle, doing his best to undermine Em’s authority. In this episode, he and Em clash yet again.

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Let’s nitpick GAME OF THRONES

SPOILER ALERT: This entire post is spoilers.

I enjoyed this episode. By my scoring, it’s a 7/10 and a nice recovery from the episode where the Beloved Character™ dies for apparently no f-ing reason (see below). However, as much as I enjoyed this episode and can’t wait for next week, the Nitpickious the Annoying showed up […]

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The cover of ALIGHT by Scott Sigler

ALIGHT Episode #7

NOTE: The publication date for ALONE, Book III in the Generations Trilogy, has been changed to March 7, 2017 (was October 26, 2016). In this episode, I tell you why!

Episode 7 Synopses:
Aramovsky has woken up the 168 kids who were in hibernation on the shuttle’s lower decks, and now he’s threatened Spingate’s life. As the Birthday Children look down the double-barrel threat of thirst and starvation, O’Malley pulls Em aside for a private meeting in the shuttle’s Pilothouse to figure out what comes next.

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Friday Fix • Separation of Sanity

FDØ featured on four tracks of album "The Crucible"

Separation of Sanity is a Portland, OR metal band that just released a new album called “The Crucible.” Why are we covering them on the FridayFix? Because the FDØ is on four tracks of this face-ripper! Scott’s spoken-word eeee-vil is all over this beast (and here’s the iTunes link for it).

The band Separation of Sanity, brought to you by our GoDaddy Coupon page at

We brought in Jason and Ivar from SoS — two genuine Sigler Junkies — to talk about the record and how Scott’s fiction influenced it (yes, one of the tracks is called “Pandemic,” directly influenced by the book!).

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ALIGHT Episode #5

The Birthday Children fled a giant spider, but now find themselves outside the protective walls of Uchmal. With that monster lurking nearby, they find themselves exploring Omeyocan’s yellow Jungle and the endless ruins therin. They’ve learned that the city-beneath-a-city was obliterated by war —but who destroyed it, and are there any survivors?

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ALIGHT Episode #3

The Birthday Children have found out that not only is Omeyocan not an untouched wilderness, but also that — on the very shuttle that brought them to the planet — they are not alone. The shuttle contains more coffins, many more, and they don’t know what is inside.


Scott is at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Friday, April 8, through Sunday, April 10. Check out our Appearances Page to see his events.

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Video: ALIGHT new cover unboxing

We got the first finished covers for ALIGHT in the mail, and thought we’d share the fun of opening them with y’all. A short video where Scott can barely contain his “new book glee.”

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The latest monster-stomping story, brought to you by our "Moosejaw Coupon" page at

Haunted Safeway, Episode #2

A Hunter Hunterson & Sons story

Hunter and his son Bo are in the haunted Safeway, watching a pair of baseball-playing ghosts relive the bottom half of a decades-old double header. That game ended with the murder-suicide of San Francisco Seals players John Carlile and Francis Haupberg, who are now the two ghosts in question. Hunter and his kin have to figure out how to send these two tortured souls on to the next plane.

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WALKING DEAD S6E9 mid-season premier roundtable

Oh man, THE WALKING DEAD mid-season premiere, that was some wild stuff. For this episode of the FridayFix, we bring in two heavy hitters in the world of books — Christine Riccio, YouTube star, and New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry.

This episode divided audiences. Some were thrilled and called it “best episode ever,” while others lamented a lack of continuity and a heapin’ helpin’ of child murder. Scott, Christine and Jonathan break it on down for your listening entertainment.Christine Riccio and Jonathan Maberry

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Diverse characters ≠ an evil liberal agenda

Thousands of people read my books. (Quick aside: that phrase still rattles my melon — thousands of people read my books. Livin’ the dream, boss.)

But in any large enough population, you get groups of people who look at the exact same thing and see something completely different. People tend to imprint their worldview upon what they experience. […]

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