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#1 New York Times bestselling author Scott Sigler is probably stalking you right now, looking for a way to steal your soul and sell it at the local Five-And-Dime.

A scoring system for writers

Or: "How to actually be happy with this frustrating job"

This post is about being happy, productive and successful in your creative life.

I put that topic sentence right up front because this is a long post, worth reading for all creatives (but especially you writer-types). This post is about my “scoring system,” which I devised to help me from tearing my own eyes out from […]

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SiglerFest2k18 — the ins and outs of a fan festival

StorySmack #35

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An episode about the ins and outs of putting on a fan appreciation weekend. We talk through the evolution of SiglerFest and what’s coming this year!


Join us for this episode. Our long-time sponsor “GoDaddy Coupon” keeps the hits a-coming.

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Han’s rescue — what, exactly, was the plan?

StorySmack Episode #34

THE LAST JEDI has come under fire for nonsensical plot elements and characters making LOST-esque idiotic decisions, but if we jump in the WayBack Machine™ and take a look at RETURN OF THE JEDI, we find that nonsensical might be endemic to all STAR WARS movies —  read also, if there was a “plan” to rescue Han, what the hell was it, and how did it go so wrong?


This episode was inspired by Mike Ryan’s article at Uproxx on the same topic.

Don’t see a “play” button above?  Click here to download. This episode sponsored in part by our “SciFi Sports” series THE GALACTIC FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

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Why a new version of EARTHCORE, man?

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• Or pre-order from your local brick & mortar bookstore!

There is a new version of EARTHCORE. We’ve talked about it on the podcast, on Facebook, in our newsletters and on this site, but you can’t reach everyone all the time, so this post is for the Junkies who say …

“Hey, what’s the deal with the new EARTHCORE?” I covered this a little bit in a blog post back in 2015, but let me give you the short answers here:

The new EARTHCORE is straight fire. You will love it. If you buy it (only $9.99 in print), you will feel guilty that you didn’t give me more money.

No. I am not. I hate …

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Pierce Brown live interview for IRON GOLD

StorySmack Episode #33

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Scott interviews #1 New York Times bestseller Pierce Brown as Pierce kicked off his world tour for IRON GOLD, volume IV in the Red Rising saga. Recorded live at Mysterious Galaxy Books in San Diego, the exact site of Pierce’s very first appearance as an unknown author in 2014. Pierce talks about his new work, his struggles to get published, and the intense pressure that comes with following up a literary juggernaut.


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STARSHIP TROOPERS 20th Anniversary

StorySmack Episode #30

The 20th Anniversary of STARSHIP TROOPERS brought to you by the "GoDaddy Coupons" page at

Scifi classic, or classic trash? You have your opinion, we have ours, which we share in this lovely recap of an extremely fun and slightly polarizing movie that came out twenty years ago.


So come on, you apes — do you wanna live forever? Dive into this delightful cheese-fest with us. Would you like to know more?

“Damn, Carmen, when you said big bugs might splatter our windshield I had no idea!”

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The Big Lebowski, recorded live at SiglerFest2k17

StorySmack Episode #28

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We recorded our coverage of this cult classic live at SiglerFest2k17 in Las Vegas. Junkies (the fans of Scott Sigler’s books) got to ask us questions. Also, there were many White Russians, so don’t count on Scott or ARealGirl to be all that sharp in their responses. Drunken StorySmack is the 300 game of podcasting!


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THE RIDER, a GFL novella by Paul E. Cooley and #1 New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler

THE RIDER Episode #17 – Q&A

We recorded a live Q&A episode for THE RIDER, featuring a more-than-slightly intoxicated FDØ.

We were at SiglerFest2k17 in Las Vegas with many Junkies. The theme of the weekend was “The Sig Lebowski.” The FDØ was four (or five) white Russians in. We hope you enjoy this episode, we hope you loved THE RIDER, and we hope you’re back next week for the first episode of ALONE, Book III of the Generations Trilogy.

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Upcoming movies & other hilarity

StorySmack Episode #26

With 25 episodes under our belt, we dive into the listener mail bag (awwwww yeah) to look at y’all’s suggestions for future installments. We also talk about the difficulty of reviewing books, TV series, why movies are the low-hanging grapes (awwwww yeah) and why Hollywood keeps remaking the same schlock over and over again.


Key & Peele’s take on Gremlins 2 If you are a child of the 80s and had your comedy/horror dreams crushed by the sequel to one of the great flick of all time, watch this skit.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. This episode sponsored by our American Football/SciFi/Crime series, The Galactic Football League.

We want to hear your ideas for movies, shows, books, games and whatevs to cover on this show. Liiiiiiisteneerrrrrrs …. come out and PLAY-yay! We go into detail as to why movies have risen to the top in this show. Still, we want all of them there ideas. Get some.

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THE RIDER Episode #14

The Ridgebacks know they are being spied upon. Their locker room is bugged, they are being tracked eveyrwhere they go, so how can Pete put together a game plan that the opponents won’t see? And, Salton the Grimy’s bad debts catch up with him in a very, very bad way. Will the Leader survive?

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SUPERBAD came out a decade ago (yes, feel old)

StorySmack Episode #25

An episode about high school awkwardness, losing virginity, fake IDs, the cops we all wish were real, and drawing dicks.


Join us for this veiny, triumphant bastard of an episode. Our long-time sponsor “GoDaddy Coupon” keeps the hits a-coming.

SUPERBAD: THE DRAWINGS: A coffee table book of all the penis drawings in the movie.

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