Come see me on tour!


Friday, September 1:

  • 11:30am — Podcasting & New Media Track Kickoff!
    Galleria 6
    Welcome to the 2017 Podcasting & New Media track! This year is jam packed with the best of educational panels, fandom, & live shows!
  • 8:30pm — Creativity in Skepticism
    Hilton 204-207
    Several skeptical-minded artists, authors, & others who make a living creating for the masses talk about how they approach their respective crafts.
  • 11:30pm — One for the Junkies
    Galleria 6
    Our annual panel of mayhem, toasts, body maim, human sacrifice, mysterious pagan rituals, questions for the author and the shower of Reeses Pieces returns! If you are a fan of Scott, if you’re in the Church of Siglerism, do not miss this event. BYOB!

Sunday, September 3:

  • 11:30am — Aliens: Bug Hunt
    Peachtree 1-2 at the Westin
    A focus on the anthology set in the legendary Horror/Sci-Fi universe of Alien.
  • 4:00pm — Signing at The Missing Volume booth
    Americasmart building 2 first Floor booths 1400, 1402 1301 & 1303  at the end of the aisle
    Come buy books and get them signed. Bring books to get signed. Whatever you want, sucka!
  • 10:00pm — PowerPoint Karaoke
    Hyatt — Regency VI-VII
    Four presenters will improvise on a topic for the audience–the problem is they’ve never seen the slides before–and the slides make no sense! PowerPoint improvisation at its craziest. The FDØ will be there as an official representative of Limitless Horizons, LTD., to coin buzzwords and establish multiple business verticals.


October 6-8, Las Vegas, NV (click on the link above to see the goodness).