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Build a design brief, choose a package, launch your contest and designers submit competing designs for which you’re paying a fixed price. We’ve used it and we dig it.

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99designs: Why hire one designer when you can have hundreds competing for your business?

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If you’re just starting your new business or you are a veteran of entrepreneurialism, there are times you need stuff designed. Logos, brand identity, websites, new package design, T-shirts … sometimes the list seems endless. If you have that one designer who gets you, and meets every deadline, and doesn’t jack up the prices on you, then hey, you’re all set. But if you don’t know where to begin — and more importantly, you don’t have time to go hunting for a designer — this site lets you post your need in one spot, the spot where the designers come to you.


It's "99designs" page at that gives you

It’s “99designs code” page at that gives you

A half million contests so far!

This system works, and the numbers bear that out. Almost a half million successful contests so far, giving much-needed professional designs to business owners just like you. The company has paid out $122 million to designers, and here’s the thing — the designers do not get paid unless the customer likes the design!

Our experience:
We used the service to create an audiobook cover for our novel HUNTER HUNTERSON & SONS: THE CASE OF THE HAUNTED SAFEWAY. We posted this description of our projects:

4800×4800 podcast “album art” for the book HUNTER HUNTERSON & SONS. We need the main logo that connotes a “Southern Rock” feel, like the logos for the bands Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, or Maylene & The Sons of Disaster. This is a series, so there will be more audiobooks that use that same logo (just like a band logo). We also need an “album title,” possibly along the bottom? There will be a different “album title” for each successive book.

And out of the designs we got, we found exactly what we wanted! We had many entries to choose from, so we weren’t stuck with a single artist.

For more info, check out our 99designs page at LiveJournal: