MOUNT FITZ ROY audiobook pre-order!

MOUNT FITZ ROY is Book II of the Sun Symbol series by #1 NYT bestselling novelist Scott Sigler

MOUNT FITZ ROY by #1 New York Times bestseller Scott Sigler It… is… alive! Click here to pre-order MOUNT FITZ ROY!

MOUNT FITZ ROY, the sequel to EARTHCORE, is now available for pre-order from Audible. Ray Porter (the narrator of EARTHCORE and the actor who plays Darkseid on the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie) is the narrator.

  • Publication date: December 3, 2020.
  • This book is over 29 hours long! Helluva deal.
  • MOUNT FITZ ROY is only available as an Audible Original until December 3, 2021.
  • If you’re annoyed at that, we get you, there’s business reasons we made this choice, and we list those reasons down below.
  • If you don’t have an Audible account, though, you can get the audiobook for free. Click here to learn more.
  • This series is now called the “Sun Symbol Series.” EARTHCORE is Book 1, MOUNT FITZ ROY is Book II. We don’t know if there will ever bee a Book III. Right now, the series is a two-book duology.
  • Yes, it took me fifteen frickin’ years to get this done. Thank you for your patience!

Why Audio Only? 

We know this will upset some fans. Let us explain the reason why we’re going this route.

We’ve been in the podcast/audiobook/print business for 15 years now. A lot has changed. When we started, podcasts weren’t on iTunes, the Kindle hadn’t even come out, eBooks weren’t a thing, and Audible was only beginning to ascend to industry dominance.

We’ve gone from a scrappy, unpublished author to #1 New York Times bestseller status. In that time, we’ve invested heavily in the Audible system, recording our own audiobooks and publishing them on that platform. Audiobooks have become, far and away, our primary source of revenue.

Now here we are, a decade and a half later, and Audible is more than just a marketplace, it is also a publisher, signing authors to release exclusive content, just like Netflix does with original movies and TV shows. Audible saw how successful EARTHCORE was. They wanted the sequel — here’s why we took the deal:

  • Audible controls data, data controls the marketplace
    • Amazon (which owns Audible) became a titan because the company understands buying patterns. Audible has a ton of data on what books people read, how much they like them, if they go on to buy other books by the same author, etc.
    • If Audible decides they want MOUNT FITZ ROY to be a big hit (and that’s a big “if,” there are many factors involved), the company basically pushes a button that says “market this book to everyone who likes Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Tom Clancy” and so on. Empty Set Entertainment is good at marketing — we can’t even begin to approach the lowest levels of exposure that Audible grants with the flip of a switch.
  • Audible is where our bread is already buttered
    • Most of our revenue comes from audiobooks. For whatever reason, that is where we kick ass. With the sales data we already have on Audible for our other books, especially EARTHCORE, Audible’s automated marketing system will give us the most exposure to people who already dig our stuff.
    • By going Audible Exclusive, that greatly increases our chances that the company will put more time, energy and moolah into marketing MOUNT FITZ ROY.
    • The more they market MOUNT FITZ ROY, the more they also market EARTHCORE. End result? The kind of exposure we couldn’t get anywhere else.
  • What’s with the one-year waiting period?
    • It’s a reasonable request from the company — if Audible pays the author, and if Audible is going to do heavy marketing, Audible gets a window of exclusivity.
    • If you’re a print or eBook die-hard, we hope another year isn’t too long to wait. We know that will annoy some of y’all off. We’re sorry about that, but in the overall PROS and CONS columns, the PROS of this deal set us up far better to keep cranking out books in the future.
  • Summary: This could be a big deal for us. Big.
    • Because of how early we got EARTHCORE into the Audible system (via ACX), we have an incredible royalty rate on that book that is unheard of in the industry.
    • If Audible pushes MOUNT FITZ ROY and EARTHCORE together to new listeners who haven’t heard of me before, we could make a buttload on this deal. It could be an okay payday, or it could put us on another level.
    • We will have to see, but for the unique place we are in with EARTHCORE, we simply can not pass up this shot.

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  1. Andy Dillbeck

    I don’t think I’ve read any of your print books, but I grew up listening to your audio work, and own most of those, so I’m looking forward to listening to this one and The Gangster.
    I think Ray Porter does a good job, but I still occasionally wish you had enough time to read them all yourself, mostly for the sake of nostalgia if nothing else.

    You just need to get with the times and grow some Dark Overlord clones like all the other big names in galactic domination have been doing.

    1. scottsigler

      Andy: The cloning thing is beyond my abilities at the moment. ARealGirl and I are fixated on finishing the GFL series (you’ll hear my voice on VI, VII, VIII and THE STONE WOLVES). After that, we’ll look into cloning!

  2. William Smith

    I have listened to or read every book you’ve published I think, and I have already purchased this one! I cant wait to listen to it. Your writing style keeps the reader/listener engaged and the storytelling is always great. I do wish there was a way to get copies of the books you had narrated, your style and delivery was the best of all the narrators I’ve heard and I have hundreds of audiobooks lol.

  3. Alan

    Man I love the printed word, but you are a hell of a storyteller regardless of the medium. I guess I’ll jump on audible and snag it. Eagerly anticipating the release!

  4. Stage

    Hi Scott,

    I’ve listened to pretty much all your books free of charge since first finding Earthcore all those years ago – right at the beginning – it was really hard core back then! You’ve toned it down since that. Most were really fun, my favourites were Ancestor, Nocturnal (original) and the superb GFL. (The Alive series was an aberration I put down to you co-author! and the only one I couldn’t finish).

    I’ve even bought hardcopy GFLx5 for my son and more recently audio- Pandemic and the Alien one. So yes, I’ll happily buy Mnt Fitz. You guys deserve it for putting your necks on the line all those years ago and delivering a quality podcast for free. I salute you.



  5. brandon murray

    I see why you went the way you did. I actually pretty much only listen to Audible books. I hope the people at Audible give your book the the push it deserves. I actually talked on the phone with someone in the marketing department a couple months ago.. Basically i called them out for not marketing to people in the Trades Blue collar jobe. She was really cool and gave me 2 credits for the heads up.. So next time you see a guy running a Bulldozer or something like that.. And i Still Can”t Find The Rookie anywhere.. well in my cheap ass price range.

    Pre Ordered.

  6. Scott Wilson

    Having listened to last podcast heard you talk about why you are doing this. I total understand and think if this helps you grow your business. This can only be a good thing in the long run for the OJ’s and new fan’s that will come from the future work this is will enable you to do.

    I cant wait to have a print copy for my ever growing Sigler collection I will be picking up and free Audible account when it’s goes on sale.

  7. Nemesis0

    I like having the print copy, but i can wait. I have an audible subscription so i’ll be happy with having the story December 3 and just pick up the print version next year.

    Hope this deal works out really well for you guys.