Siglocktail 09-01-2020: Dark and Stormy

Week two of our video tutorial! Plus, it’s a new month, so we’re starting with a new spirit! September is rum month!

Our SIGLERinPLACE Siglocktails this week is a Dark and Stormy. It’s the first cocktail we’ve had on SIGLERinPLACE that is made in the glass it’s served it!

Legend has it this drink was created in Bermuda sometime after World War I, and took it’s name from a sailor’s commentary that the drink’s color was reminiscent of a storm cloud “only a fool or a dead man” would sail under.

Recipe below in case you want the quickest route to this tasty drink! If you have a bit more time, watch the video to see how to layer this drink in the glass, which is how it’s meant to be served.

As ever, livestream is tomorrow night at 6pm PST and we’ll be toasting with these yummy cocktails. Feel free to make this one (send us pics here if you do!) but as ever, you drink whatever you like best, or nothing at all, no worries!


  • 2 oz — 4 oz dark rum
  • 3/4 oz fresh lime juice
  • ~ 8 oz ginger beer
  • Ice

Mad Scientist Process of Assembly™:

  • Pour ginger beer into glass with ice
  • Pour fresh lime juice gently on top of ice and ginger beer
  • Pour dark rum over the back of a spoon resting just at the top of the liquid in the glass.
  • Add a lime wedge garnish and straw to glass
  • Serve layered

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