Empty Set Entertainment matching campaign raises $2,500 for Harvey relief

Our money to match y’all’s money. Hell yeah.

Damn, it feels good to be a Junkie. To benefit the United Way of Greater Houston, Empty Set Entertainment (that’s the company that puts out the GFL books, dontchyaknow) issued a $1,000 matching challenge – for every $1 donated by Junkies, we would match $1, with the goal of hitting $2,000.

We beat that goal like we were holding a barbed-wire baseball bat and the goal’s name was “Glen.”

We are thrilled to report that Junkies kicked in $1,250. We have up-leveled our donation by 25% to match that number, resulting in $2,500 donated to help with Hurricane Harvey relief.

“We are so appreciative and overwhelmed by the generosity and support we have received from around the country,” said Rebecca Harris of the United Way. “I wish this disaster had never come to our city but it has created so many connections with people like you that I probably would not have had otherwise and for that I am truly grateful.”

Rebecca then asked us to let her know the next time we do a book tour in Houston.

We’ve toured in Houston four times. Every time we visit, we receive a glowing welcome. We love our fans there and hope this small contribution can help the people hit hard by this tragedy.



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