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This is a big announcement, a major change in our business strategy (yes, this is a business). Since we know you (and love you, truly we do), we’re going to get some TL:DR, bottom-line info right up front and center, so you do not panic.

  • The free Sunday podcast will continue: we’re not removing it.
  • We will continue to podcast full, unabridged audiobooks.
  • We will continue to give away the serialized audiobook of Book I of all three of our series, so that you can share them with your friends and convert others to Siglerism.
  • This will happen on September 17, 2017.

There, that’s out of the way. Whew!

When we first made this announcement to the Super Secret Sigler Junkies Group over at Facebook, some people got their skivvies in a bunch thinking we were taking away the very thing that put us on the map. Not so, bro. Read on, Don.

First, what does “back catalog” mean? It means the completed podcast novels. For example, we podcast ALIGHT, Book II of the Generations Trilogy, in its entirety. Once we finished, it showed up on iTunes as a complete book — you can download all the episodes at once, no waiting.

Second: why are you pulling some books? Aside from a few short stories that we don’t have rights back to yet, ALONE, and the new EARTHCORE, we’ve given away every word I’ve ever published. And then some.

This strategy worked well for us for the first few years as we were trying to make a name for me and get in front of new fans. Mission accomplished. But now, we have sixteen full-length novels and short story collections up on iTunes, including the entire Infected Trilogy, all five GFL novels, and the first two books of the Generations Trilogy.

Now it’s time to make some changes.

For years now, we’ve been watching the eBook market with interest. One of the key strategies on Amazon is to give away the first book in a series so people can try it at no risk. If people dig it, they feel comfortable forking over their moolah for the rest of the series, because they now have faith the author can deliver.

We’re going to do the same thing with our audiobooks.


  • THE CRYPT: Book One, Crew Stores

Everything else is getting yanked. We’re pulling stand-alone titles like ANCESTOR and NOCTURNAL, because there’s no benefit to offering those for free that isn’t already covered by the four novels and two short story collections listed above. If you dig INFECTED, you’ll probably dig ANCESTOR, and so on.

So there’s nothing to worry about. We’re removing some books, but leaving a crap-ton up for free. Show me another author that offers that much free audiobook content, on their site or on iTunes. I double-dog dare you. If there are any, there ain’t many.

We’ll keep writing. Y’all keep listening.

And feel free to push this high-grade stuff on your friends. It’s how Junkies get made.



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  1. Amanda

    Scott, I posted this in the forum, but maybe here is better. Do you still get compensated when I purchase from Audible? Or is it better to but buy on iTunes or some other place? I love your heroin and I can never wait for a new release to be available on the podcast so I’ve bought Pandemic and Alone and Earthcore already….i just need to know my money is actually going to you.

    I was pulled out of a dark and terrible time by Infected, Contagious, Nocturnal, Ancestor and the original Earthcore…but I put off the GFL series because I didn’t like football. After listening and relistening to your other works, I trusted you as an author to take me through the world of Football In Space and I was sorry, dammit, that I put it off for so long. I won’t get all mushy & hyperbolic and say you saved my life, but I will say that you made my days easier, because i could spend my nights in your worlds.

    Just finished Alone, and now I have so many questions. Are you still going to do a Q&A episode or two for the book even though you wont be broadcasting it for free on your podcast? What format will your podcast take if you’re not releasing episodes of your books? Personally, I love hearing you and A shoot the shit shot and talk about movies and pop culture and other books. I could listen to the two of you get drunk and chat for hours-and I do.

    Thanks again for all you do. And just let me know where to throw my money so most of it lands on you and the Dog of Doom.

    1. A Sigler

      Hey Amanda,

      We own the books on Audible, iTunes and Amazon (at least the ones Empty Set put out, including the Generations Trilogy, the GFL, EARTHCORE, NOCTURNAL and PANDEMIC.) So Audible is a great option.

      And we will be podcasting ALONE at some point. We just won’t keep the archived version up after the podcast is done. So we will indeed have Q & As for ALONE once the podcast wraps up.

  2. Currahee Charlie

    Scott, it will be a pleasure to support your continuing of the work. I am an army veteran that came home with no PTSD, thank goodness, but severe anxiety while driving through even the smallest mountains. As I was stationed 9 hours from home, with the Smokey Mountains dead center of my drive… you can guess how much fun that was. I eventually found audiobooks, and couldn’t believe how much they helped me cool off while on the road. Now, three or so years later, I have listened to 14 Tarzan books, the entire John Carter series, some king, some Stoker, and literally EVERY ONE of your works.
    I’m a huge book fan already, but wanted to thank you for the way you helped me cope with an issue of mine, while having fun waiting for the next chapter. And since most of the other authors are long gone from here, glad I got to do so.
    So… Thanks, keep it up, and I’ll be buying and recommending your stuff all the way!

    Josh Pursley

    PS, had a few questions I’d like to shoot you about some ideas I’ve been working on for some time, just to pick your brain.

  3. Angela Benford

    I have no issues with this plan (not that you need my permission). I do love listening to your books, and will continue to check out the pod cast…but other than Contagious (which I need to pick up), I have purchased the books I have listened to. Have to support my FDO 🙂

    Cheers! See you in Vegas in just about a month!! whooo hoooo!

  4. oscar woody

    If this helps you get out more product? Great!
    I have always bought your stuff. I will keep buying it as fast as you can push it out.
    Next time it would be nice if you made me a good guy, lol Not a school house thug. LAMO

    If you have Pateron i’m on that too.

    1. scottsigler

      Oscar: We’ve avoided Patreon thus far. When we produce a book, people buy it, and that works for us. Remember we’ve been doing the pre-order to get the funds to make a book since before Patreon or Kickstarter were invented. We’re not ruling out Patreon, but it seems to make more sense for us to put out a book and sell it than do a slow trickle of stuff.

  5. Captain Comic

    Will this affect Podiobooks? Between that and here, I’ve used a lot of your free stuff.

      1. Captain Comic

        Yeah, I was aware of the PB of changeover, but after a decade of typing “Podiobooks”, I tend to go on muscle memory/autopilot.

        Any word on hardcopy publication for EarthCore 2.0 (3.0? 4.3?) I need a good excuse to fly to Vegas and get it signed.

        (Full disclosure: I do NOT need an excuse to travel to Vegas. But it would be nice to see another Junkie party.)

        1. scottsigler

          Captain Comic: We should have an announcement on the print publication date very soon. If you like Vegas and you like my stuff, man, come to SiglerFest2k17. Book it. It’s a blast.

  6. Rod Speed

    Scott all the best with your endeavours moving forward. You are far though from being a King, Kootz, Cussler, or Clancy.

    However best of luck, I think you’ll see a sudden drop off of followers that will be time consuming to replace.

    1. scottsigler

      Rod: So you’re saying I will see a sudden drop in followers who want everything to be free? Doesn’t sound like that’s a crowd I need to replace, does it? I suppose four unabridged free novels and two short story collections isn’t enough for some people.

      In other words: we’ll be fine.

      1. Jaclyn

        I honestly had no idea all that content was up for free. My son and I listened to the entire Infected trilogy on a cross country move, which we paid for, on Audible, and it was worth every penny.

        People who honestly appreciate your work won’t have a bit of issue paying for it.

        I love doing nice things for people right up until they start EXPECTING me to do it to the point they get pissy if I don’t. Seems that’s what is happening with Rod’s comment.

        You do excellent work. Even if it’s a labor of love, it’s still WORK and there are still bills to be paid and life to enjoy and both cost money. Good on you for asking to be compensated for it.