ALONE Full Cover

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Junkies, here’s a fun bit of how the sausage is made. Del Rey Publishing was cool enough to share with me the full ALONE dust jacket for the hardcover, which is out March 7, 2017. That’s Spingate on the cover (sorry if that’s a spoiler, folks, but ALIVE and ALIGHT have been out for awhile now).

Having trouble getting the image to open full size from the pic below, so click here to see the full kielbasa.

ALIVE Wraparound Cover

Click image above to see the full dust jacket in larger size.

Things get f-ing nutty in this tome, I tell you. Book I & II can’t prepare your faces for the amount of madness that will ensue. I consider over-the-top endings to be a key element of my personal writing style, and this one delivers the goods.

It’s the final installment in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.¬†Fear the spear.

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