Thanks for registering! Can’t wait to see you at SiglerFest 2K19!

Awesome! We’re so happy you’re going to join the fun in Las Vegas! Thank you for signing up for SiglerFest 2K19.

We’ll be sharing all the details as they are finalized. Schedule should be out in late September, but you can access a sample SiglerFest agenda by clicking here for a taste of what’s to come. (Please note the agenda will vary from what you see there, it’s just so you get a general idea.)

Please note:

  1. It’s essential we have an email address for you that you actually check regularly. If you only provided your “internet shopping/paypal” email address, please send me your real email address by using the contact us form on this site.
  2. We’ve added an official Thursday night event, so plan to be there if you can! Starts at 6:00pm, and is not to be missed. More info coming soon!
  3. Our group room code expires on September 3rd,, 2019. If you don’t book before then, prevailing room rates will apply and we’re unable to influence this on your behalf. Please plan accordingly.

The official dates are October 10th, 11th & 12th. We’ll have a kick-ass concert on Thursday night, bowling on Friday night (with costume contest!), and karaoke on Saturday night. And, as ever, casual football watching on Sunday morning. Plan your travel (and your costumes) accordingly!

In the meantime, please remember to secure your guest room by clicking here and using the group code SIG1010.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at, and we’ll get things sorted out for you.

Can’t wait to see y’all in October!

-Scott & A


The first one was a blast. The second one added Las Vegas. The third one added karaoke. The fourth one introduced a new Sigler cousin. The fifth one gave everyone superpowers. The sixth one brought back the ’80s in a big way. The seventh one brought Ma & Coach. The eighth one saw the only Body Maim™ we’ll ever have at SiglerFest in the form of a Sigler Stage Dive™. Who knows what’s in store this year?

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