Let’s Nitpick The Walking Dead: Glenn

WTF with Glenn?


There, I said it. If you keep reading, that’s your business. I have given you due notice of spoilers and stuff.

All right, let’s get into this.

The “is he dead / is he not dead” debate has gone on for a few weeks, and we finally have an answer. An answer that, to me, feels like a total and utter cop-out. People are happy to have a beloved character still kicking, but in retrospect, the threat to Glenn now has all the dread and gravitas of a Joss Wheedon death — i.e., not really “dead” at all, or in other words, Glenn has come back from an absolute sure-fire finish to his face.

Why does this development feel so hollow to me? I’ll give you my reasons. If you like, tell me what you think in the comments.

Walking Dead - Mind Blown

Yes, Nicholas was on top of him. Sure. I get that. We now see the camera angles the director was playing with to “trick” us unto thinking the zombies were dining on delicious Glenn Natural-Casing Sausage™, and not just savory Nicholas Nutella™. The Nick blanket gives our boy maybe … two seconds of extra life. Look at the picture at the top of this post: rotters were all around him. They even had hands on or near his face. He’s got blood on his skin. He couldn’t be more appealing to the zombie palate if he got a neon tattoo on his head that said “Eat Me.”

In other words: his face is exposed and he is surrounded by zombies and he is pinned down.

For the zombies to have ignored him when he’s a sitting duck like that is a total cop-out from the writers. Yes, I know they have a job to do and that job is ratings, and stretching out this faux-death for four weeks is part of the storytelling gig. I accept that. But let’s not pretend that this is anything but an intentional misdirect, and a misdirect that comes at the expense of ignoring the well-established behavior of the bad guys.

It’s not like there were only two zombies feasting on Nick, and they were so busy they didn’t have time to chomp down on the Glennster. This was a Black Friday crowd just before Best Buy opens its doors. There were dozens of killers in easy reach of Glenn. The odds of them ignoring him while he cried like a beh-beh and stared at the blood fountain? Nil, bro – nil.

Okay, this is the big one for me. He is under a dumpster that is completely surrounded by zombos. They even try to come get him, and he does some sweet face-stabbing. Then, for reasons that are both inexplicable and completely contrary to the established canon, the f-ing zombos leave him alone and walk away.

Leave Glenn Alone!

“Leave Glenn alone, zombies!”

Why, because he’s quiet? Because they can’t get to him? Over and over, when we see trapped heroes in this show, we’ve seen zombies continue to press at doors, walls, windows, fences, etc. They stay there for days, even weeks. Look no further than Alexandria, where they are hanging out on the walls for weeks on end as if they are Millennials in line for those precious Justin Beiber tickets. Pretty sure that if zombies would leave you alone if you’re quiet, then one single night of the Alexandrians sleeping in their comfy beds would make most of the horde move on.

And before you bring up that Rick hid under a tank in Season One, remember, he went into the tank, and was completely sealed up inside.

This point is where things get frustrating for me. We have Zombie Rules™. Once they sense prey in the open, they pursue that prey non-stop until they either a) get stabbed in the face, b) catch said prey, or c) said prey finds a way to escape through a back door or what have you.

Am I wrong about this? Have we ever seen zombos two feet away from a juicy human only to leave that human alone because the human was real still and real quiet? Because, as a viewer, that would be great information to have, so when people are in danger I can scream at the TV: “Hey! Just hide behind a door and be real still and real quiet and everything will be jake!”

That only works if you use a well-decomposed zombo — Nick blood is an appetizer to zombies, not camouflage. We didn’t see Glenn apply Clinique Zombie Concealer™ to himself, did we?

I’m still a fan, but the shine is off the apple somewhat. This was intentional misdirection. Or, to put it in other words, the writers cheated. We were given rules that provide a structure for understanding what characters can and can’t do, in order to let ourselves dive all the way in and feel the danger, the drama, the very real threat that characters can and do die. This scenario completely violated those rules. I’m sure I’ll tune in next week to see who buys it in the mid-season finale, but that edge-of-your-seat feeling won’t be quite as edge-of-your-seat.

What do you think about the episode?

Tanks a lot, Rick.

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  1. Lisa

    A little late entering this discussion but here goes….

    The first issue I have is exactly what Scott said about the sheer number of walkers in the scenario. There are so many of them and they are not going to discriminate when feeding. By this I mean they’re not thinking “hey lets eat this guy on top and you all in the back can have the one on the bottom when we’re finished”. No, they are going to dive in and whatever flesh they grab they will be eating.

    Next, I have never seen a dumpster sitting up high enough for a grown man to crawl under. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but they are so rare that the chance of this dumpster being one of those is slim to none. Seriously, the under dumpster clearance is normally less than 1 ft. Sorry, just don’t buy this escape.

    The last issue worth mentioning is my feelings, the feelings of the viewer/fan. Glenn is one of my favorite characters, has been from the beginning. I had already mourned his loss and moved on with the story. Then the writers decide to keep him alive through what I perceive as impossible circumstances. Now I’m going to have to watch him die again at some point and mourn his loss all over again. I just don’t think that is fair of the writers to expect from fans who are so invested in these characters.

    P.S. My husband says they “jumped the shark” and it is the beginning of the end. I certainly hope not as this is the absolute best show on tv today.

  2. mick

    Im pissed that 1,thy jus ddnt drop into th dumpster & be quiet for days, & 2, glen cud hav slid under th dumpster killd some walkers reaching under & blocked him from being seen.thy cud hav showd part of that & still get th “dd he make it/is he dead” fright in all of us & stayd tru to TWD ruls.

  3. Dude

    Being devil’s advocate…

    We’ve seen zombies leave people alone before within very close proximity whether you like it or not.

    Some examples:
    – hiding in cars
    – hiding under cars

    It has only been two days since the zombie “herd” (horde) hit Alexandria (not weeks):
    Day 552 – Day 553

    My only issue is with Glenn going after Enid. I would have been okay if Enid took him out because Glenn was acting foolishly.

    1. scottsigler

      Dude: Can you show or recall an example of some one being actively chased by zombies who hides in an exposed area — not inside a car — and that person was left alone?

      While the show is wildly inconsistent (the insurance office zombie keeps watch on Sasha, but zombies leave Enid alone in her car, even though both situations have clear glass, to name just one example), we’ve seen people hide in cars before. Inside closed cars. Not out in the open, exploded, as Glenn was. There is no question that he was exposed or that the walkers could sense/see/smell him, because two of them climbed in after him. So those two can detect him, the others can’t?

      Here’s the example you gave me from “What Lies Ahead”
      Dale and Rick catch sight of a walker heading towards them through the traffic snarl. Rick raises his gun to shoot, but his focus shifts to a second walker coming up behind the first. By the time he has both square in his sights, there’s a third – but he quickly realizes there are a lot more than that. He runs forward, in a forced whisper telling Lori, Carl, and Sophia to get under the cars. On her way down, Lori grabs Carol. They watch together in helpless silence as their kids wait out the sudden danger by themselves.
      Notice how they aren’t being chased to start with?. That’s what I’m talking about — if you’re not locked in somewhere, they stay after you. And sometimes they stay after you if you are locked in somewhere, just depends on the needs of the particular storyline.

      And two days doesn’t matter — how long was Glenn under the dumpster? Longer than two days? If the zombies left him alone, why wouldn’t the other zombies around Alexandira display the same “seek new prey” behavior?

      It’s completely inconsistent.

      And I guess we disagree on multiple points, because Glenn going after Enid is the only thing consistent about the episode — he didn’t learn his lesson from trying to help Nicholas, so Mr. Helper Glenn is at it again.

      1. Jedi

        I’m with Dude on this one. Glenn was under the dumpster for one night. That’s all. Also, the walkers he had killed formed a barrier around the dumpster. These dead walkers helped camouflage Glenn as we have seen in other episodes.

        If you are saying they had sightlines on Glenn, your claim is incorrect once he went under the dumpster. At this point, he was no longer visible (and I suspect zombies don’t have good attention spans). The walkers were also preoccupied with the body they were currently feasting on, and very few of them witnessed Glenn’s escape.

        They wandered aimlessly in the alley once Glenn was out of sight and Nicholas was no longer worth their attention. This is COMPLETELY CONSISTENT with the show. The “can” drew some of them away and many followed leaving the alley mostly empty, because walkers generally display ‘herd’ behavior (more consistency).

        Finally, Glenn’s survival was not at all far-fetched. Many fans of the show had come to the conclusion that he had survived before the episode ever aired, and the majority of them speculated that Glenn would climb under the dumpster in order to come out alive.

        1. scottsigler

          “If you are saying they had sightlines on Glenn, your claim is incorrect once he went under the dumpster.”

          Except for the ones that followed him under the dumpster, I assume?

          And he managed to do this without a single bite or scratch? While completely surrounded by walkers?

          Come on, man.

          You can’t cite what people “speculated” as evidence of consistency, when said speculation goes against the show’s establish canon in the first place.

          1. The Dude Strikes Back

            In regards to my issue with Glenn – I agree that he was more or less acting in character… which is a problem I have with the character – not how he was being portrayed. The entire episode was perfectly legit in my opinion.

            In regards to anyone’s assumption about how zombies “behave” the top rated answer here https://www.reddit.com/r/thewalkingdead/comments/1kes7h/michonnes_zombie_repellant/ describes the “canon” as best as anything else I’ve read so far. Remember Michonne’s zombie repellent? Or what about the zombie gut suites from season 1?

            How about the curious scene where Enid and Carl hide in a tree – oh wait, didn’t the zombie they were throwing rocks at see them? Who knows? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYTJ4tboZ0I
            And to be honest, who cares?

            Oh, but wait – every now and then we care about the minutiae of zombie etiquette 101 in a zombie show. I don’t mean any disrespect but…

            “how long was Glenn under the dumpster? Longer than two days?”

            I provided the timeline link as a little bit of support but honestly you seem to be having an issue with the timeline of events in this show.

            “Look no further than Alexandria, where they are hanging out on the walls for weeks on end”

            Hanging onto minutiae when something bothers you about the show but throw all of the practical and relevant information out the window. To stress this even further – the show is about the human condition. The journey and character development far out weigh assumptions we place on how we think zombies should behave. I have failed to find an official canon on TWD Zombies. Maybe there should be a technical manual or even better we can create some consortium to dictate to others our thoughts on what a zombie should be.

            And remember, the true villains in the show are other people – the zombies are more of a medium to move the story along. Sort of like the canvas of a painting. You’ve brought up some interesting thoughts but I conclude to focus on my prior two sentences and you will be closer to Eastman.

          2. scottsigler

            1) He didn’t spread zombie guts on himself. We watched his entire ordeal.
            2) Carl and Enid hide in the tree before the zombies see them. Watch the scene again. Hiding before you are seen is well-established in the canon as a successful way to stay alive. Know what’s not established in the canon? Zombies seeing you chasing you, and then randomly ignoring you. Zombies saw Glen crawl under the dumpster, which is why they went in after him. And he didn’t spread gore on himself off-camera, because we see that he doesn’t have gore on himself when he crawls out.
            3) If you don’t think minutiae is important when the writers, show runners and producers are trying to create drama and suspense, than you and I enjoy things in different ways. Minutiae doesn’t matter? Then care to explain why the producers pulled Glen’s credits to help further the illusion that he’s dead? Seems the producers care about the minutiae, too. They care enough to intentionally use said minutiae to help their sleight-of-hand death-scare.
            4) “The show is about the human condition.” A common cop-out. If it’s about the human condition, than you don’t need to use the sleight-of-hand to try and create false cliffhangers and trick your viewers into thinking a main character is dead, and you don’t pull that character’s credits in order to further bolster that illusion. This wasn’t about the “human condition,” this was about “ratings,” which I get. They have a job to do, and that job is get people not only watching the show, but talking about it between episodes.
            5) One of the hallmarks of the show has been that they haven’t resorted to old-school tricks to create drama and suspense. In this season, they changed strategy. Leaving Glenn alive when he’s completely surrounded by zombies is an absolute cop-out from the standards the show itself has established over the years. Does that mean the show is bad? No. Does that mean that episode is bad? No. It means they broke the illusion they’ve spent so much time creating by varying from well-established rules in order to elicit an emotional response, and to get more ratings.
            6) Timeline:
            • The morning of Day 552, Glenn goes under the dumpster, and the mega-herd reaches the walls of Alexandria.
            • Day 553, the zombies leave the dumpster, yet are still thronged around the walls of Alexandria.
            • Same exact amount of time, per the timeline you provided, yet two completely different zombie behaviors.

          3. Return of the Dude

            Responding to your points in order:

            1) No body suggested Glenn did that. My point about zombie guts was to illustrate the fact that zombies behave in different ways (you didn’t pick up on my point about Michonne) – yourself and others are getting too tied up in guessing “did the zombies not see, smell, hear Glenn?” when you are missing out on more important details about the story and the timeline. The zombie gut suits were never fully explained – again we see them being used in the mid-season finale. Why do some zombies know how to use tools? Why do some zombies crawl and others do not?

            As Robert Kirkman wrote on Reddit:
            “Older zombies are less together and capable of doing things like that. Fresher zombies, which there were more of in season one, are able to do more than older, more rotted zombies.” Again more evidence that some zombies may crawl while others don’t.and perhaps how easily some zombies may give up chase.

            Also, as Jedi pointed out, Glenn formed a barrier of dead zombies around him as he killed them. That is a type of zombie suit if you think about it. Less to the point, we have seen zombies being preoccupied with eating many times. In the prison we saw a zombie not even bother with Rick after it ate Lori. So we know zombies will chase and will not chase depending all kinds of factors. So its not unlikely that some zombies may have followed Glenn and others did not.

            2) I did watch the scene again – that’s why I posted the clip for you to watch. I wanted you to pay close attention to Enid throwing a rock at a walker. The walker did change direction towards Enid and Carl – and it is hard to believe the zombie did not notice them run from him. This was also to illustrate hiding in an exposed area that was not a car.

            I am curious if you can provide some concrete evidence as to when someone moves from “being actively chased” to “not being actively chased.” Is there a distance requirement? Do you have to move into an enclosed structure? Provide some facts on what this may be.

            3) I never said minutiae doesn’t matter. Zombie behavior can be fun to discuss and figure out – and I stress FIGURE OUT. In fact my point was quite the opposite. You are focusing on details about zombie behavior that can be explained/ forgiven fairly easily. And you are missing out on the really important details and minutiae like how long Glenn was actually under the dumpster (not two nights), the fact that the herd was only at Alexandria for a couple of days (not weeks).

            Something really important to pick up on is that Nicholas gave up. In TWD a character will typically (and maybe exclusively) die from 1 of 2 things. Someone caused you to get killed or you give up. This is a really prevalent theme in the show. This episode underscores that theme enormously. Nicholas gave up – Glenn did not.

            4) I wasn’t tricked into thinking Glenn was dead. I thought it was pretty obvious. Reading the comic may help.

            Sorry you think that was some kind of a cop out – we all suffer the human condition and this is the story being told. Why do the most dangerous events involve new people the characters run into? Has it ever occurred to you that “The Walking Dead” are actually the people that are still alive? Ever heard the expression “that guy is dead and doesn’t even know it?”

            The writers and producers add (in your opinion needless) bits of drama because to be honest it’s fun to watch. Would there really be 12 million viewers if the story had no plot or compelling underlying message? Oh, people watch the show for the mere fact there are zombies in it? Any show could do that and it wouldn’t draw significant viewership. Game of Thrones is full of (needless sex and violence) but people really watch it for the story and the characters.

            5) Were we not tricked when they killed off Beth? There are more moments in the show where the writers at least tried to trick us. You just didn’t like being tricked with this one.

            6) Alexandria takes up a much larger piece of landscape than the dumpster. Is Glenn busy hammering away with nails and boards (*cough cough* Rick fixing the wall) under that dumpster? No, he’s very quiet. Too make it worse, are there a bunch of poorly attuned Alexandrian’s making noise? Yes. That underscores the challenges facing Alexandrians versus people like Glenn.

            Just saying… be honest – you wanted Glenn to bite the big one. You feel like you were cheated. Don’t worry – he has the most brutal death scene of all the characters in the comics. In part this will just make it even easier to lose him later on.

  4. Michael Grace

    oh well, didn’t think the area under a dumpster was large enough for that!? And if the zombies just wonder off from there why didn’t they just wonder off and away from Alexandria??? Just saying!

  5. Sherman

    SPOILER ALERT! If you read the comics you know damn well Glenn will be dead soon enough & in spectacular fashion. Stay tuned.

  6. Grace Radford/Anna Pett

    I think you have to remember that TWD has never actually been consistent in terms of its zombies when you go back to the very beginning.

    In “Guts” when Glen and co are trapped in the department store and the zombies are breaking through the double sliding doors to get into the building you can see some zombies using rocks to knock against the glass, but they NEVER use tools again.

    There’s also the fact that if they can smell blood (which seeing as they’re dead and they can’t breathe should be impossible) the scene where T-Dogg cuts his arm open in season 2 when they’re looking for Sofia out on the highway should have left him surrounded by the heard that was shambling through, but he was able to escape just by hiding under a car. But then as you said in the pilot they surrounded Rick and didn’t show any sign of leaving ever, who wasn’t even bleeding.

    They’ve also only used the covered in walker blood twice, and we know that Michone was able to walk around by having two walkers as “pets”, but despite Rick and the group knowing both of those things make them “invisible” to the walkers they don’t use them, which just seems dumb.

    I haven’t watched the episode yet, but seeing as the consistency of the walkers and their ‘abilities’ seem to change depending on the episode I can’t be overly nit-picky of this episode without being overly nit-picky of EVERY episode, and that just takes the fun out of all of it. 😉

  7. Phaedrus5

    “the threat to Glenn now has all the dread and gravitas of a Joss Wheedon death — i.e., not really “dead” at all, or in other words”

    WTF are you talking about?

    Recurring Whedon characters that have died and come back:
    Buffy (like they were going to kill the title character off permanently)

    Recurring Whedon characters that have died and stayed dead: (non-Big Bad)
    Jenny Calendar
    Principal Snyder
    Joyce Summers
    Shepherd Book

    And that’s not even counting Dollhouse. Phil Coulson and Agents of SHIELD don’t count, because that was a Marvel character and a Marvel decision.

    1. scottsigler


      Your count is different from mine. He killed Buffy at least twice — three times depending on how you measure such things. So those count. He directed the AGENTS OF SHEILD pilot and it appears to be his choice to bring Coulson back.

      You’re missing a few resurrections. Here’s my count.

      • Buffy
      • Buffy
      • Darla
      • Spike
      • Buffy
      • Fred (as Illyria but also maybe Fred)
      • Coulson

      And I haven’t checked the veracity of this info, but here is a list of forty characters who died and were resurrected at least once.

      My main point, though, is about main characters, the high-profile stuff. Without question, his biggest character ever is Buffy. Killed her and brought her back twice (maybe three times, depending on how you count). His second highest-profile death? Again, no question — Agent Coulson up on the big screen of one of the most-successful movies in the history of mankind. He brought him back, too. The rest of the list you can vet for yourself.

      You can count Wash if you like, but since that’s the last we’ve seen of Firefly, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a Wash return if the show ever made a comeback.

      Whedon is the bomb. He also invalidates some of his heaviest dramatic moments by bringing characters back from the dead.

      1. Carl

        The impression I got while watching the scene was as follows.

        1. Zombies within immediate reach of Glenn are distracted by the yummy yummy Nick Guts, it is established that zombies prefer corpse flesh over live prey. Also, just as hard, if not harder for the zombies to differentiate Nick from Glenn at this point.

        2. Glenn wiggles under the dumpster. This separates him from Nick and draws the attention of the zombies who aren’t feasting on Nick, they pursue.

        3. Glenn kills pursuing zombies until there are no more gaps under the dumpster for zombies to reach though.

        4. Ring of zombie corpses clogging the gaps around the dumpster covers the smell of Glenn, he didn’t drape himself in zombie guts, he made a bubble of space that was draped in zombie guts like that guy in the cubicle down the way who sprays his entire space in Axe and you can’t tell he hasn’t showered this week cause you can’t breathe anything but the gag-inducing stench of cologne withing a 15 foot radius of him.

        5. Zombies cease to smell/see/hear prey and lose interest in area.

        I didn’t feel betrayed by this scene, I was actually impressed by how they managed to walk back from what they appeared to have shown us without manipulating zombie behavior.

        As for the why are they still surrounding Alexandria, they still smell (and see, and hear) living people.

        As to Glenn being able to do what he did without being bitten or scratched, that is two or three parts, a) Glenn is very agile and has great reaction times, b) Zombies crawl even worse than they walk, c) Glenn got very, very lucky. d) I recall no instances where scratches by zombies are either mentioned or fatal. Even many bites aren’t always fatal. I’d be interested to know if minor bites like the one that E got couldn’t be treated with prompt medical attention. We don’t know because those type of bites never seem to happen at times or places where someone can attempt it. I’m wondering if that might not happen in the near future.

        As for the wondering about if they are going to pull this with Glenn and still kill him soon, I wouldn’t be at all surprised, look at what happened to everyone’s favorite blonde last season.

  8. David Jacobs

    You’re going to save him here so you can do him Negan style later? That’s ridiculous. Killing huge characters you never expect to get it is what makes a show great. Ask Game of Thrones. Ask the Walking Dead comics. If you’re going to kill someone, mother fucking kill them. It’s so bad now, nobody believes a character dies until we see it clearly and hell, soon the actor will have to break the 4th wall and say, “Hey, I’m dead now”. And Jon Snow is on the promo poster for GoT, so maybe even he isn’t dead either. It wasn’t even a very good fake out as most people realized they didn’t have the stones to kill Glenn

  9. Krista

    You’ve summed up my perspective nicely. While I’m grateful he is alive, I was not blind to the problematic script writing. At the very least, poor Glenn should have been bitten on the legs, arms, or even the face. He might have wriggled away, but not unscathed.

    So, although I also think this is a lazy writer’s trick, I almost would have preferred for the Nicholas death scene to be a dream-like scenario that Glenn played out in his head as he realized they were trapped. Had he shot Nicholas, left him alive and screaming, the walkers would have zeroed in on Nicholas, leaving Glen with an opportunity to escape into the window or up the fire escape.

    Of course, having said that, I know Glenn is the do-gooder type and wouldn’t have shot Nicholas. He’d have tried to get him into the window or up the fire escape, too.

  10. verylazydaisy

    You are absolutely right. I agree. The whole intentional misdirect pisses me beyond off. I grieved Glenn. I effing cried.
    I will proceed, as a fan, as if this entire season never happened. It’s like the Highlander sequels. What Highlander sequels, you ask? Exactly.

    I would have been happier if rainbow sparkle flying unicorns had rescued Glenn. I have never seen a dumpster with that much room underneath. I’ve even driven around for weeks looking for one.

    Yep, Im pretending none of this bad writing ever happened.

  11. Jeff Herman

    It didn’t seem all that likely that Glenn would have survived the situation he found himself in, pinned down on the ground and covered in zombie gravy. It was fairly obvious though that he would survive. The show has been too good at sending off main characters up to this point for them to screw up the death scene of one of the most liked characters on the show the way that death scene would have been screwed up (if it were actually Glenn’s death scene). It would have been very disappointing if a well-liked main character were killed off and the effects and choreograph of the event were as off as they were in that scene (if it had been Glenn’s death scene and not Nicholas’s).

  12. John Ward

    I think it would have been much more plausible if Glenn had crawled under the dumpster and then the dumpster collapsed under the weight of the zombie horde thus smooooooshing Glenn into a thin paste. Based off of established behavior, that’s what should have happened if the zombies couldn’t reach him.

      1. John Ward

        No, we haven’t seen them climb things, but we have seen them pile up on top of one another until their combined weight crushes things. I could see them pressing up against the dumpster and maybe falling into the dumpster until eventually the weight causes the wheels to give way.

        I’m not trying to say they would climb onto the dumpster. I’m just saying there were at least 500-1000 zombies on Glenn’s side of the fence. Given their mindless pursuit, they would have tried to get to him. If Glenn succeeded in killing enough zombies to block off access by trying to reach under the dumpster, I think they would have tried to press against it or push their way into it somehow and that those efforts would have led to the dumpster collapse.

        1. scottsigler

          It’s that “mindless pursuit” part that has me so disappointed. They would never just walk away. That’s such a departure from the behavior we’ve seen a million times.

          1. John Ward


            This was a total cop out to create false drama. Glenn is the Kenny from South Park for this show. Go back through the seasons and see all of his near misses with death. It happens almost every year, but this was so overt and obvious that it really did feel like cheating.

          2. Krista

            Agreed. However, they could have pulled the walkers away by having Enid set up some kind of distraction, one loud enough the viewers could hear it and put 2 + 2 together.

          3. Travis

            I agree with most of what you say, but I think the reason they left Glenn alone once he was under the dumpster was that the girl threw a can to get their attention going the other direction. I’m not saying the scene was very plausible but I think that was what they were trying to imply when the can rolled across the bottom of the view when they started leaving.

      1. Melissa (My World...in words and pages)

        I’ll be! I had to go look for a video of the scene, but there was a can that rolled by that drew the attention of the walkers. I remember watching them turn like they heard something and didn’t know what exactly had ‘called’ them away. I missed the can rolling by. Huh. That’s something, though such a small sound. But I guess that’s their reasoning for the walkers to leave.

  13. Charlie

    I think they rode a fine line but for me his escape was just plausible. I dont think there is a single person that would have said “He’s safe, because he can just crawl under the garbage can while they eat the guy on top’ but they way it was shot gave them an out.

    The were trying to do an ‘uncertainty’ episode where neither we nor the characters had the luxury of finding out what happened straight away. I loved seeing Glenn make it out alive but think if we never saw him again it would have been better.

  14. Melissa (My World...in words and pages)

    Yes. I was saying the same thing last night. How did the zombies not grab at Glenn’s exposed skin? Are we to think they were only interested in the fresh blood they were smelling? But Glenn was there and zombies don’t really ‘see’ what they are grabbing at. And to crawl under the dumpster with the swarm that was there… I guess we are to believe that killing the few that tried to get to him hid his ‘fresh blood’ scent like Michonne had done with her walkers she kept on chains or like when Glenn and Rick covered themselves in walker innards to walk with them.

    It felt weak to me as well. And! The escape stairs that were RIGHT THERE BESIDE the dumpster when they first climbed on the dumpster. Why? Why not take the fire escape stairs? And the window that Glenn climbed through last night, it was only covered by taped plastic and no walkers in there? And the girl just happens to be in the same area…

    Sorry, I found just so many flaws in that scenario last night. I’ve done that several times through the series. They really don’t seem to stick to their “rules” very well or remember what they’ve done to survive.