Dragon*Con Schedule for 2015

Cosplay at Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con 2014It’s almost time for one of our favorite cons, DragonCon in Atlanta! This year Scott’s all over the con, so catch him while you can. If you’re coming to the con, make sure you come see us, even if it’s at the Hilton bar!


Fictional Writing and Skepticism
Friday 9/4, 1:00pm • Hilton 207 / 206 / 205 / 204
A few top authors, who are also skeptics, discuss what effect their personal skepticism has on their writings.

Writing a Horror Book Series
Friday 9/4, 4:00pm • Peachtree 1-2 — Westin
Pros share tips on designing and maintaining multibook narratives

One for the Junkies!
Friday, 9/4, 10:00pm • Hilton 203
Join us for our annual celebration of the Junkies and Siglerism. Hard to tell what will go down this year, but easy to know you don’t want to miss it!

Authors Roundtable: Using Podcasting to Deliver Your Story
Saturday, 9/5, 10:00am •Hilton 203
Roundtable discussion of working writers who utilize Podcasting to distribute and promote their work.

Body Horror: The New Flesh
Saturday, 9/5, 7:00pm • Peachtree 1-2 — Westin
Authors discuss themes of transformation, transcendence, and the human form in revolt.

Squeamish Folks Need Not Apply
Saturday, 9/5, 10:00pm • Embassy D-F — Hyatt
Panelists discuss writing horror, dark fantasy and just plain scary, horrible, gory, putrid stuff. Bring your own air-sick bag.

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