When fans die

Fans mourn when a creator passes on:
but what about the other way around?

I love my fans like nobody’s business. I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am, and I continue to do so to this day, but I never forget that it is my readers who give me the life that I have.

“Wait a minute ,” you say, “how come you’re not calling us Junkies?”

Hold yer pants up, belt-less, I’m getting to that.

Mint condition, bitches. Get some and help a grieving father out a little bit.

Mint condition, bitches. Get some and help a grieving father out a little bit.

A concerned fan emailed us two days ago, telling us about this amazing eBay auction: all five of the GFL limited-edition hardcovers, in mint condition. This includes three books (THE ROOKIE, THE ALL-PRO and THE MVP) that are completely out of print. THE ROOKIE alone can go anywhere from $60 to $250 depending on condition (and some people are selling theirs for $1,000 — no shit). We’ve seen people pay $300+ for brand-new condition. So all five signed and numbered books in one minty fresh set? That’s a dope deal, son!


The fan was concerned because he asked the seller a question, using the oh-so-common term for Sigler fans: “Junkie.” The answer was not what he expected, to say the least:


That’s crushing. The fan in question emailed us and let us know what had happened. We reached out to the seller with our condolences, and let him know that “Junkie” was a term of endearment. The seller thanked us for letting him know.

This auction seems genuine. We checked the book numbers against our records. In doing so, we found the Junkie’s name, which made this more real. He pre-ordered all the books. He was there for the Sigler Ascension days, for the mad rushes at our website to get the lowest number possible, to watch me go from loud-mouthed arrogant podcaster spouting off about how he would “conquer the world” to an actual New York Times best-seller. In short, this man was a Junkie, one of the true faithful who have supported what I do year after year.

I didn’t know him personally. But I love him. And I already miss him.

I’ve been interacting with fans for a decade now. One doesn’t like to think about it, but as time passes on, so do the people we know. Grandparents, parents, siblings, relatives, friends, even children — and, in my case, the people who adore my books. The older I get, the more of you that will drop off. It’s a numbers game, really. It’s reality. When some of you die, I will be very aware. For others, not at all.

We all have our moments when a creator we love passes on. I’ve felt that sting with some of my key influences, like author Anne McCaffrey, or monster maker Ray Harryhausen. But how often do creators know when it’s the other way around, when it is the fan who dies? Not often, I’ll wager. Again, it is a numbers game.

If not for this eBay auction, I would have never known. This is a somber reminder that my books can have a deeper impact on some, that they can become more than just mere entertainment. People connect to my stories, enough so that they sit in front of their computer waiting for that moment to pre-order, enough to create shelf space just for my words. Junkies read. Junkies re-read.

When creators do it right, their work touches your soul. It becomes a part of you.

Now that this particular soul has passed, someone else has the opportunity to possess these books. And in my opinion? Another Junkie owning this set would be fucking awesome. Believe it or not, when A Kovacs and I started making these books, we wanted the quality to be off the charts specifically so that they would become hand-me-downs, collectors items that people would treasure for their entire life.

In this case, that’s exactly what happened. We are deeply grateful for the irreplaceable time this Junkie spent with us and our works. While he can’t hear it now, I say, “thank you.” And I thank his father as well. Perhaps this auction is only meant to pay some bills, but that’s fine. The father could have tossed these books. Instead, he’s giving someone else a chance to hold and touch and smell the stories that have impacted their lives.

So to all of you, all you Junkies all over the world, who are with us now or are yet to discover the Siglerverse, know that ARealGirl and I love you. We thank you for spending some of your days with us. And when you depart for that Big Combine in the Sky and are picked up by the Tier One teams of the afterlife, know that we are rooting for you to win it all.




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      1. Thomas Reed

        it is rough when you lose a member of the family… even the ones you never met or knew about. one less connection. dims the light, ya know?

  1. scottsigler

    Hey all, driving to LA with @ARealGirl right now, but heard back from the father. No need for donations. If you want to help, though, you can buy stuff from eBay auctions by user “6233terry”. Comics books and other goodies.

    He is very grateful for your kind words. You Junkies are the shit.

  2. Dylan Stiff

    So sorry to here about the loss of a loved one. My deepest condolences go out to that family. And Scott, have no fear, your books have become something of a treasure to me in their own right. If there ever comes a day where I’m not around to appreciate them anymore, I’ll do my darnedest to make sure those books make a junkie out of someone like they did to me.

  3. broken

    I just bought these books and here is a copy of the message I sent to the seller:

    “I purchased these books from you bc I am a huge Scott Sigler fan. I was a late comer to his novels so I did not get the chance to purchase the signed copies of the earlier editions. I did however get to purchase a signed copy of The Champion, so I already have this one. In reading about your son, I would like to “donate” the latest book back to you. I would like for you to keep The Champion for yourself to remember your son, or to sell again if that is what you need to do. I would like to send my condolences and hope that you find peace.”

      1. broken

        Thanks, but I was just trying to do what I felt was right. And for those of you who are curious, here was his response:

        “Yours is a very grand offer and I Love you for it. However I will send you all five books because thery are signed and all are limited editions. I don’t want to break up the set. These will be grand for you to have with Scott’s signing them and all being part of limited editions. Thank You for your offer and I do have many things to remember my son by. I bow to you as a finer example of the human race. Best Regards and happiness to you and yours. Terry”

  4. James Eager

    Just so you know, I have been on borrowed time for as long as you have known me. Later this month, I will be paying omage to a particular doctor. It was 20 years ago this month he told me I was in remission from cancer, after we stopped it in its tracks. I almost never got to enjoy any of the Sigler universe at all! (Check the Siglerpedia page, the one death where I was reported dead at work – it was to cancer). Exterminator patches would not have existed… Oh, and I have a brother who is a junkie as well, so never fear, you have a ways to go to be forgotten in my family.

  5. David Barry

    I wish I could offer her the true value of these Books and extra as a gift for her loss and to help with funeral costs. Scott can you start a donation link for her. I would start with a $25 donation.