And now, fishing …

The 10th Anniversary event is all done. Now I’m taking a couple of days off to hang with Coach and Ma Sigler. Here is a fish I caught. It would have found you in your sleep and eaten your face, but I killed it and saved you. You’re welcome.

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  1. Fletcher Stevenson

    Could you please make kill me in one of your books. If you did I would have accomplished a complete life as a minion and long time junkie of the FDO.

    1. A Sigler

      Hi Fawn,

      Like I said on the other thread, THE CRYPT Book II doesn’t exist yet. Potentially slated for 2016 writing, although that’s not set in stone.

      1. Amiko

        When will The Crypt character stories air as the tv series?
        I bet The Crypt would be great as a tv-series/movie combo. Like Star Trek, only better. Like Firefly, only not cancelled.