Our 10th Anniversary: free eBooks for you!

10thBundleUPDATE: This promotion is over. Thanks for playing!

To celebrate a decade of podcasting, we’re giving away free ebooks! A bundle with all the Empty Set Entertainment titles. Click here or click on the image at right to get yours. Yes, feel free to tell all your friends about this.

This freebie is good on Monday, March 23, 2015 only, from midnight to 11:59pm.

When you get the link emailed to you, you need to download the bundle on your computer. If you get the download link on your phone and try to download on your phone, not gonna work. We can’t help you with that, so download on your computer, then transfer to your favorite eReader device.


  • THE CHAMPION ebook
  • THE MVP ebook
  • THE ALL-PRO ebook
  • THE STARTER ebook
  • THE ROOKIE ebook
  • THE REPORTER ebook
  • TITLE FIGHT ebook
  • BLOOD is RED ebook
  • BONES are WHITE ebook
  • A sneak peek PDF of the first fifty pages of the rewritten EARTHCORE

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  1. ratman19

    Been so busy with work that I haven’t accessed this site in a month. Unfortunate timing I see since it looks like I missed this. Have to admit it makes me sad that I could of had a zip of all these. Regardless, HAPPY 10 years! Enjoy your tin and aluminum.

      1. ratman19

        Thanks Scott. I don’t use twitter and I do follow you on Facebook. My career and social media are not intertwined and when work gets busy I tend to “disappear”. Thank you both for everything.

  2. Pam stewart-fulton

    BTW Scott, my hubby sent me the link and all I could say was….. yippy yippy yippy! !!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Ann Arbor loves you!

    A resident of The Big House.

  3. Pam stewart-fulton

    So I have an interesting problem. ….I downloaded to my Kindle and my Kindle won’t read it. I had to download an e reader. Uh, this IS from amazon, right? I got it through them. Whassup wit dat?

    1. A Sigler

      It’s both. What you get for each book is a .zip file. You have to unzip that, then use the one with the “.mobi” at the end for Kindle. The “.epub” will work on mostly anything else, but not Kindle.

  4. Robert

    Picked it up last night after listening to the newest Champion episode! Thanks a ton Scott! Looking forward to going back and rereading everything.

  5. NeilColquhoun


    Thank you for the bundle.
    Here’s to the next 10 years and more of the goodness that we Junkies feed on.
    * takes a sip of the amber nectar *

    Cheers and Stay Alive

  6. Chuck

    Congrats Scott! My wife and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in April and I’ve been listening to you since your guest appearance on Dragonpage. Keep up the good work and here’s to 10 more years!

  7. BigJohn

    Wahoo! Congratulations on sucn an astounding achievement! The stank shall be spread! Thanks for the wonderful bundle. The wonderbundle. The wundle.

  8. Robert Wright

    Dear Scott & A,

    Congrats on 10 years. PLEASE, PLEASE keep the podcast going. Just know that I am a fan because I like the books AND I like the Podcast… just something to look forward to each week.

    I get having someone else record the books.. I like Phil. I just like the stories being Scott’s and that it all is connected in the Verse. (well, most of it is in the same verse)


    Robert Wright

    P.S. I want more CRYPT. (

  9. Kathy Ulrich

    Happy Anniversary and Thank You! for all the podcasts, books, and of course this bundle of ebooks.

    I’ve been enjoying your work since around 2008 and look forward to enjoying your work for years to come. Keep writing and creating because your material is awesome!

    Thanks again!

  10. Brandon Winrich

    Awesome bundle. I’ve passed the word on to all my friends on twitter and facebook. I’ve only been following you since the summer of 2008, but in that time you’ve become one of my favorite authors. Congratulations on 10 years!

  11. jokerdas

    That is AWESOME, Scott! 10 years is a great milestone. You celebrate the anniversary and WE get the gifts!
    I remember how it all started for me. I just got my first iPod and wanted some free audiobooks. I learned about Podiobooks.com and discovered Infected. I was hooked from that point on!
    Thanks from one of “your people” for the years of entertainment!

  12. Brett Morgan

    Congrats on 10! Thanks for the bundle, though when I read them it will always be with your voices in my head, having done the audio first. Endorsed you on FB with my three friends, but I don’t know a lot of big readers, especially of horror/sci-fi. They prefer covers with bare-chested men. Never a dull read with you. Keep up the good work and much success.

  13. Elliot Gould

    Scott, awesome achievement! I remember well hearing about Earthcore from Adam Curry’s podcast in the Spring of 2005, and I haven’t looked back since. Congrats and good luck on the next 10 years.

  14. mkaz

    Has it been that long already?

    You made the American Dream come true for yourself. Congrats!

    Looking to the next 10 years!

  15. rory angus

    Happy 10th Anniversary.

    Thanks so much Scott for being a big part of my last decade!!

    You feel more like a brother than anything else…

    Looking forward to many many more decades…

    Please come back out to Oz!

  16. Todd Taylor

    Hey A & Scott, how do I unzip a file? Just kidding!! Thanks so much for this! Earthcore tonight!