Emma Galvin to narrate ALIVE audiobook

Narrator of the DIVERGENT series, WINTER'S BONE

Actress Emma Galvin, narrator of DIVERGENT and WINTER'S BONE, to do the audiobook for ALIVE by Scott Sigler

Galvin audiobooksWe’re downright tickled to announce that we’ve landed actress Emma Galvin as the voice talent for the ALIVE audiobook. I first heard her work narrating the blockbuster novel DIVERGENT, by Veronica Roth. I felt Galvin’s performance of Tris, the main character in DIVERGENT, convincingly captured the essence of a young woman thrust into a difficult and confusing situation. With that vocal skill set, I thought she’d make a great narrator for ALIVE, which is out July 14 from Del Rey (haven’t pre-ordered the ALIVE hardcover yet? For Pete’s sake, it’s only $14, just click here and get it done).

As I’ve mentioned in previous FridayFixes, we felt it was very important for a woman to narrate this book. My female voice are “the stuff of legend,” as ARealGirl tactfully puts it, and since this is the first novel I’ve done with a woman as the sole point of view character, I thought it would be odd for me or Phil Gigante to do it (he’s the God-of-War-voiced narrator of NOCTURNAL and PANDEMIC — but don’t worry, we hope to have him back to do the audiobook for EARTHCORE in a few months).Galvin is no stranger to big-time books.

We auditioned some very, very strong narrators and could have gone in a couple of different directions. Emma’s audition was really on-the-nose for how I envisioned the ordeal of Em, ALIVE’s main character.

In addition to the DIVERGENT series, she’s narrated the blockbuster WINTER’S BONE by Daniel Woodrell and several novels by New York Times #1 best-seller Kresley Cole (whose sexy-time books are a slight departure from my own work), among many others.

Fair warning: Galvin also narrated Snooki’s GORILLA BEACH. Hopefully that shows she’s got a sense of humor to go along with her sick vocal chops.

If things go well, Galvin will do all three books in the Generations Trilogy. It’s being sold as “young adult,” but once you hear Emma’s take on it you’ll understand this novel is no kid’s game.

We’re excited. We hope you are, too.

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  1. ratman19

    I have not yet heard her voice but I hope it is good. Ever since I started listening to Sig’s audiobook I have not been able to enjoy any other narrator. Does anyone have any suggestions? Great reading is more important than the actual book when it comes to audiobook.

      1. ratman19

        I just finished Golden Son by Pierce Brown and recently started Half a King by Joe Abercrombie. I wonder if its the same narrator. Thanks for the rec.