The Lost FRIENDS episodes

This year is the 20th anniversary of the first season of FRIENDS. Yes-yes, I know, you hate that show, you find it insipid and dumb — and yet you’ve watched several dozen episodes, and felt bad about yourself for laughing along with them. I loved the show. I couldn’t stand David Schwimmer’s role, but hey, five out of six ain’t bad. To this day, when I want to level a little comedic sexual innuendo, I’ll waggle my eyebrows and say: “Hew … how you doin’?”

BHey, how you doin'?ut little did you know that there was a half-season of episodes that were lost in a bizarre thresher accident (workplace safety on Iowa farms, amiright?). Thank goodness your FDØ has the means and the motive to uncover theses delightful bits of Manhattan madcapness. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the episodes themselves, just a list of their names. I present to you, “The Lost FRIENDS Episodes.”

  • The One Where Joey Fondles the Llama.
  • The One Where Rachel Slips Acid Into the Gang’s Coffee.
  • The One Where Ross Commits Seppuku.
  • The One Where Chandler Turns Cannibal.
  • The One With Monica’s Shrine to Fidel Castro.
  • The One Where Phoebe Plays With A Ouija Board, Gets Possessed, And Goes Wilding In Central Park.
  • The One Where Gunther Is Born Again And Pickets The Gays.
  • The One Where Joey Gets Shot In The Buttocks.
  • The One With Monica’s Intervention For Anorexia.
  • The One Where Ursula Butchers Phoebe & Takes Her Place, Then Feeds Phoebe To The Unwitting Gang With Some Favre Beans And A Nice Chianti.
And the Very Special Two-Part Season Finale:
  • Part 1: The One Where Ross’s Monkey Goes Fucking Rabid (And Rips Off Chandler’s Junk)
  • Part 2: The One Where Chandler Has No Junk

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  1. Paul Preston

    those would be episodes I would watch! I love llamas! Oh the hilarity that would ensue! I am already giggling just thinking about it.