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Goodreads Choice 2014 ResultsDear Junkies,

If you voted for PANDEMIC in the Goodreads Best Books of 2014 Awards, thanks! We notched a Top-10 finish in Horror, which ain’t bad. Having 6,656 peeps vote for your book? It’s quite fantastic and I love all of your faces.

Two of my buddies had great showings as well. Jonathan Maberry finished a bit ahead of me with his novel CODE ZERO (if you like my stuff and you’re not reading his Joe Ledger series, you are missing out). And, the fair-haired young whippersnapper Pierce Brown won the “Debut Author” category. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Pierce over the past year, and he is a helluva person with big, big things ahead of him. His novel RED RISING is a must-read (I’m halfway through the sequel, GOLDEN SON, which is chock-full of bloody action). Trust me on this: the book is pimp.

So, a fantastic showing, but also an illustration of how far I have yet to go to reach my career goals. Anne Rice and Dean Koontz are horror royalty and have thousands of “automatic readers” based on brand-name alone. Some newcomers really rocketed to the tops of the charts, namely M.R. Carey (THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS) and Josh Mallerman (BIRD BOX), neither of which I have read. I’m sure they have exciting things ahead of them as well.

So while I am wired to win all the things all the time and I always want to be #1, finishing Top-10 amongst that crowd is frickin’ awesome.

As usual, I owe it all to y’all. And your faces. You rock.




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  1. Oli

    Had to share this: I’ve just clicked on the “view results” button in the top image about ten times… Each time it links to the image… It’s just an image… I’ve been a developer for 15 years, web for around 8 of those… Oh, and… It’s just an image!

    Unlucky Scott, I voted for you and will continue to share the infection wherever I go! Thanks for all the hard work.

    1. scottsigler

      Oli Right you are. I had to replace the image because there is no way to hyperlink our “main image.” It’s just a graphic. Will update the link from the image showing all the books to take you to that page. Thanks for the heads-up.