INFECTED optioned as a TV series

INFECTED by Scott Sigler

Holy crapolies, Junkies — INFECTED has been optioned as a TV series by Timberman/Beverly, the company that produces JUSTIFIED, ELEMENTARY, MASTERS OF SEX and more. ARealGirl and I have sat down with Carl Beverly (who runs the company along with his partner Sarah Timberman), and he seems quite excited about bringing INFECTED to the small screen. Timberman/Beverly can also pick up options for CONTAGIOUS and PANDEMIC at any point, if they decide to use the characters and plotlines from either or both of those books.

Yay us! As a huge fan of JUSTIFIED, this is frickin’ awesome. We’re really pumped to see how Carl & Co. put the show together.

So, we’re officially optioned by a seriously kick-ass company that makes fantastic stuff. We’re optioned by a company that has hits on networks and on cable. We’re optioned by a company that will have seven different shows on TV this year, meaning they can get shit done.

Timberman/Beverly plans to start pitching INFECTED at the end of 2014. Keep your fingers crossed, Junkies. Great news to get at ComicCon for sure.

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  1. Drew Bauer

    Wow, where do I start. I just finished the “Infected trilogy”and I have to say like all great art there is an intrinsic Value That goes into shaking a person to there very core. All great art makes the observer feel something – empathy,sadness happiness in your case i was shken to my core. The three books with all of the glorious but un obtrusive detail (ie tom clancey)were an absolute work of true mind bendin originality, and mastery of your craft.
    I finished all three in a week barely sleeping and never ever turning off the light. i have no ideap where you came up with your ideas , creativity bloody gorry brilliance (I suspect some sort of wish from a monkeys paw or possibly a deal.with the devil himself) .but coming from a man who had thought he had seen and read everything you absolutly could – you managed to rip mymind wide open. your book was as brillianf creative and sucspensful to me as a cave man finding a computer In the woods- never seen before, don’t know how it works maybe .magic or.whichcraft.. there were things you wrote that I myself couldn’t believe came from the pen of a man. And I wondered sometimes if you had just gone too far if they should have been written down at all. (But hey that’s art- pushing limits for reaction)
    Originally I.had borrowed all 3 books from the library but after finish in Pandemic I went to B&N and bought all 3- because I fealt u deserved.every last nickle you.earned on writing the book.
    thank you trully for an incredible story,,,charachters,anti-heros and especially the balls to end contagious (#2)the way you did.I never saw that one coming. I swear I cried when perry said ” he was gonna take me fishing” I’m already working on ancestor. And p,an to read everything u ever write down even ic its on z bar napki.
    Good luck to you and you family ,, I trully believe you will be the next GREAT author of our generation. You have that special quality that King used to have back during his monkey shines&Cujo days
    Please keep us all up to date on future projects good luck to you and your family, you earned it.- thanks again Drew Bauer

  2. BigJohn

    Have you done a series bible for infected? Or do they even want such a thing? It’s interesting to think where they would take the show; it seems the best opportunity to preserve the main character would be to tell more stories between the end of infected and the beginning of Contagious.

    Do you have any shareable ideas about where you’d like the story to go, or how it would be told?

    1. scottsigler

      @BigJohn: We have not done a series bible for INFECTED. We did a huge one for NOCTURNAL, and did it “on spec” which means we didn’t get paid for that massive amount of work (not yet, anyway).

      Timberman/Beverly seems to have things under control, and considering their track record they know what they are doing. If they want our help with a series bible, we’re in. We haven’t even talked to the screenwriter yet, so we might not have a lot of control over this one.

  3. Dennis Browning

    Fantastic news!!! Can not wait for it to happen. Your have worked hard for this, it is about time…. Yes I do need!!! a first copy signed box set version from you word (Mouth) and the TV Series set. Also if Raylan Givens says it must happened then it will!

  4. Bradley Henry

    Hell Yeah!!! This is most AWESOME!!! So…does this mean that when it comes out on Blue Ray you will sign the box set? I can see it now in the pre-release ordering…buy Infected on Blu Ray and get your very own Triangle Key Chain or maybe it will come in a traingle shaped tin. OK…the Good Idea Fairy is kicking in high gear…please stop me…Buy the Blue Ray and get…a University of Michigan Scary Perry Trading Card…Help…the Good Idea Fairy is kicking my….

  5. Rodrigo Dauster

    So awesome. Don’t let those pussies fuck up your tight story with some silly love interest or other appeal-to-a-wider-audience bullshit. I know it took a long time to get to this point but you did it sticking to your principles… if the series is as screwed up as you are it’s gonna be a great hit (even if it’s with a smaller audience) which will then open the door for all your catalogue. You the man.

  6. Tom Roth

    That is fantastic!! TV needs more scare fests! Currently watching “The Strain” and it strikes a fatefull cord that you met Guillermo Del Toro. Any ideas how your junkies can help?

  7. SaladDodger

    Ten years to finish THE CRYPT, I may not live that long. I love all the FDO works, but it is THE CRYPT that has me hanging. And what about PASSENGER, I reckon that concept has miles still to go. OK, while we are at it, why not a short audio novella on Chiyal North in retirement, get him on the 9-5 routine then spiral into a Falling Down (Michael Douglas) afternoon.

  8. Chris B

    This is great news \m/

    It should be picked up by Netflix or Amazon originals. Those are the only places (other than HBO/Showtime) that could allow the content to shine.

    1. scottsigler

      Chris: That’s what I’ve been pushing for. But you’re forgetting FX and AMC. WALKING DEAD on AMC has plenty of goreability to carry the seedier parts of NOCTURNAL.

  9. Cn

    That last comment was supposed to show up in reply to A’s comment that they can put it wherever they want it…

  10. Amiko

    Great news, congratulations!

    Can’t help but to ask about The Crypt: Would you think it would be better suited for the small or the big screen?
    Any works you think would be better as a movie instead of TV series? Or perhaps Firefly-style series-movie combo?

    1. scottsigler

      @Amiko: THE CRYPT is my long-term vision. That’s the series I would like to control, not just sell, so I can make sure viewers get the story I want them to see. At least a decade away, I’m afraid.

  11. Jim Roberts

    SO, when it is released on DVD/Blu-Ray I am going to have to buy more Sigler Stank? I AM SUCH A JUNKIE!

  12. Ken

    please please please please please do NOT put this on regular network television. They will fuck it up beyond recognition. How about Showtime or HBO? Even AMC or FX, but not network!

  13. spleenfreak

    That is badass! I know you have been working on something like this for a long time.
    Imagine what this will do for book sales as well.
    Who would you cast as our hero/freak of nature Perry Casey?

    1. James Eager

      Forget Perry Dawsey, when you get to contagious, who is going to play me?

      Oh, and when you get to Contagious Scott show them the unit patches!

  14. Tom Merritt

    That is sooooooo friggin’ awesome. This is real reason to be excited as they are known group and they can get it on the air if they want to. Let’s hope they really want to…and more importantly it gets on HBO/Showtime/etc to do it justice!