ALIVE sent to editor

(a.k.a., "Damn, it feels good to be a gangster")

ALIVE by New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler

Boom! I say, I say, boom!

This is one of the best feelings in the biz, people — sending off a completed manuscript to an editor. We’re ballparking Summer 2015 for this release, but I can’t say for sure until the editor at Del Rey does his thing.

This is effectively the final draft, as he went over the book once and this draft was done with his suggestions in mind. However, we added a bunch of story. So, half of this draft is “final,” and half is “first draft on steroids.” That means the status of this draft depends on his response to the new content. He could love it and fast-track this mo-fo, or he could say “Hold on there, Buddy! Were you pounding Tuaca when you wrote this, Guy?”

I’m not saying I wasn’t pounding the Tuaca while writing this, but I think it’s in pretty good. The People’s Author™ is going to deliver you a rip-snort of a read. This one gets into some deep shit, a little philosophical dive into the meaning of life, growth, happiness, and when murder changes from something abhorrent to something that must be done to survive. Don’t worry, the thematics are hidden behind Dexter-esque blood spatter, so if you just to enjoy me taking a baseball bat to yer dome, we got that.

I can’t tell you! I’m not kidding. This sumbitch starts out with a bang, and I want you to experience the mystery with no cheats, no foreshadowing, no spoilers, and — frankly — no clue. No hints. Yes, I’m serious. By this point in my career, those who know me know me damn well. You know what you’re going to get from one of my books: a tight plot, fast pacing, “everyone is expendable,” “dead = dead” and clear evidence of serious wrench-time. I don’t phone it in. I’m taking yer monies, and you’ll be happy I did.


Baby, I was born fancy.

Maybe later. I have a headache right now. What I can tell you is this: I promise you that you want to buy this the day it comes out, and read it right away before you hear anything about it. Oh, wait, I already gave a hint and it is in this blog post.

Take the video below. Pretend the copy machine is the manuscript for ALIVE. You’ll get the picture.


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  1. athanas

    Why oh why was I expected to see your name end capped with “, Esq.”?

    Can’t wait to give this a read when it comes out.
    Zerg Rush on presale/opening day, lads and ladies?

    1. scottsigler

      @athanas: I might have to add the Esq. in at some point. The People’s Author™ promises that this read will tickle your fancy. And knowing you (as I do), you will be particularly tickled in the first three chapters.

  2. L.J. McLean

    I know the feeling all too well lol. My next book’s edits will be done this weekend, then off to building the book for SDCC release (I’m not going BTW). How to celebrate many months of lonely editing is up for debate. Can’t wait to read it, Scott!

  3. Muddy_Junkie

    More importantly, can’t wait for Alive!

    I know you posted recently about R.R. Martin and the similar response you have to people asking about Mt. Ftizroy and such. But I can’t wait for sequels to Nocturnal, Earthcore (after the rewrite), and Anceestor.

    But really Sigler, you just keep banging out more tidbits from that melon of yours, and I am a happy Junkie!

    Although I feel like it has been a while since I have heard anything about your Hollywood dealings. So, um yeah, get on that!

    1. scottsigler

      @occupy_my_rocktopi: I think George RR Martin is amazing. Hands-down, the first three books of the GAME OF THRONES series are among the best books ever. To me they rank up there with the first three books of THE GUNSLINGER series, which for me is the best series ever put to paper.

      George can do and say whatever the fuck George wants to do and say, and I’ll still read that series.

      That said, his kind of response is probably not going to come out of me when people are asking for EARTHCORE 2, THE CRYPT 2, DESCENDANT, etc. I believe y’all wouldn’t be asking (and occasionally pissed) if you didn’t love the work and just want more of it — hard for me to get angry at that.

      My moms taught me how to respond to people who are rude: kill ’em with kindness. That’s the way I try to run my business.

      I’ve also met George a few times and had a beer with him at a ComicCon event. He is a seriously nice dude.

    1. scottsigler

      @occupy_my_rocktopi: The trademark things are a bit of fun. I don’t think anything can replace the Future Dark Overlord, that’s a nickname that came from the fans. “The People’s Author™” is more of a statement about me getting back to my roots: writing great stuff for the people who want to read it. Over the past two or three years, I’ve gotten sidetracked to some extent by other things that can hold an author’s focus. Time to get back to being happy that I have a job where I write for all y’all. Those that don’t like what I do, those that marginalize my scifi because “oh no, sports, it’s not serious writing!” (and the same goes for YA), me worrying about how I stand with/against/next-to other authors, etc. I write to entertain people and make them happy. That’s why I got into the biz in the first place. I’m not the “award-winning author” type, I’m the type that sells lotsa books because I write what I want to write and, dammit, people seem to like it.