Vote on the Krakens helmet for THE CHAMPION

Galactic Football League Book IV is THE CHAMPION, and you can vote on the helmet in this YA / young adult series.

POLL CLOSED! We have a winner. It will be announced in the podcast of NOCTURNAL Episode #35. But, feel free to keep putting in your two cents.

Junkies, sometimes teams update their helmets. Your favorite NFL team’s lid has likely gone through a few changes: some are dramatic, some are subtle. The Ionath Krakens are considering a helmet re-design for the 2686 season, and team owner Gredok the Splithead has decided to leave it up to you, the fan.

We’ve had problems with overzealous fans “stuffing the ballot box” in previous polls, so you have to have a registered profile to vote. You get one vote. We’ll check IPs if we have to (but we don’t want to). We love you all, but you’re crazy with the ballot-box stuffing, so get your one vote in and let the fans decide!

1) Sign into your account on this site (or create one by clicking here).
2) Put a comment on this post with one of the following choices: Current, Modified #1 or Modified #2

We’ll close the poll at midnight Eastern time on Sunday, June 21. The winning design will be included in the book’s text. Boom!


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  1. Dave W

    You really don’t want hundreds of millions to feel like they need to buy new fan gear, do you?

  2. Lawrence Wimsatt

    Current. The two modified helmets look more like flame jobs than Kraken tentacles.

  3. Geoff Schaadt

    Modified #2

    Nice to see the Krakens finally joining the 27th century! I thought they were going to stay with the monochrome face masks forever…

  4. dreamingwolf

    Modified 2, but with the colours of modified 1. Though I’d also love to see a face on shot of these along with the side shot.

  5. Lachlan Walford

    Modified #2 , please FDO
    Keep your hearts pumping the Orange and the Black

  6. Nick Batdorf

    I would have to go with modified 2. Would also agree with a comment earlier about different ones for away or home or some special game. Cause I would suggest white as the main color. Thanks for all the great stories and can’t wait for the next.

  7. GameOfMau

    I like the current one because it has more of a defined edge, but I’ll say Modified 2. It’s killer continuing the design onto the face mask.

  8. Steve Bickel

    Modified #1

    The gradient on the grill of #2 reminds me too much of the awful current Jaguars helmets.

  9. Rick Castello

    Modified #2 – the darker bottom half of the face grill makes it look even meaner, and the tentacles not just up top makes it look less like crazy hair on top of the head, and more like tentacles.

  10. Ben Thomas

    The other two look more like flames, and less like the Kraken they’re supposed to represent.
    But I do like the colors of the Mod 2 helmet.

  11. Richard Palmer

    Hmmm… Yes please on the Xmas ornament idea… I think you could make a yearly thing like hallmark does… My kid being born in November would have one helluva set!

    Having said that, my choice:

    Modified #1 is awesome, if a change must be made.

  12. Ben Dowell

    Modified #2
    Better get new designs now, because OS1’s going to shucking kill you this season!