Working on TITLE FIGHT audiobook

I’m still working on THE RIDER (a GFL novella about Dinolition, co-written with Paul Elard Cooley), but today and tomorrow I’m taking a break from that to finish the audiobook for TITLE FIGHT (another GFL novella). We did TITLE FIGHT as a podcast, but it was years ago and the recording quality isn’t up to our standard, so, gotta re-record it. The story is also old enough that it pre-dated a lot of GFL continuity, which I missed when we did the eBook, so we’re updating those little bits as we record and will make those tweaks in the eBook as well.

Also, Iceberg (our audiobook editor) and ARealGirl Herself (our audiobook director) are almost finished editing THE ROOKIE audiobook, which should be in Audible/iTunes/Amazon in a month or two. That will mean all four published GFL novels will be available as full-length, unabridged, ad-free audiobook.

Add in TITLE FIGHT, and you’ve got a lot to listen to, Junkies. We haven’t determined when we’ll record THE REPORTER and THE DETECTIVE, but the plan is to make all GFL properties available atĀ Audible/iTunes/Amazon. And yes, that includes the other two GFL novellas-in-progress, THE REEF and THE GANGSTER.


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