PANDEMIC is out!

Ken Thornhill goes crazy for PANDEMIC

Junkies, the five-year wait is finally over: PANDEMIC is in stores today. What a relief to see this bad boy finally hit shelves. Kindle and Nook available from those vendors, and the hardcover available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore (but call your local first to make sure they have it available, I don’t want you to waste a trip). [Note: Audiobook is coming soon at Audible. We’re working on it. Hoping it’ll be out within two weeks, but that’s out of our control.]

Yes, you too can be as happy as Russel Kew (right) when you get your hot little mitts on this scorching, girthy tome of worldwide devastation. Or, maybe, the book will drive you stark-raving insane as it did for Ken Thornhill (pictured up top).

Buy yours today. No foolin’.

And remember, you can get autographed, personalized hardcovers from Borderlands Books in San Francisco, just call them at (415) 824-8203.

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  1. Byron Metz

    And one more thing. Borderlands-books is the best when it comes to ordering your novels with the customer service that some companies have forgotten about. The craftsmanship that went into the packing and securing of Pandemic was above and Beyond.

        1. Insignificant Blood Splatter

          Ah – spoke a moment too soon. The post office notified me today it was holding my book hostage! I keep trying to get graduate apps done, but have to keep going back to the book. I’m prepared to use the smiley face sticker to cover any itchy growths! Love the personalization. <3

  2. Shawna

    You just made my day! Two years ago Scott’s audiobooks/podcasts were the thing that made my hellish commute to D.C. tolerable. I can’t wait to get my fix from Pandemic!

  3. Robin Cameron

    Just left you a 6 stars comment on For me you hit all the right notes, especially your crafting of the recaps, especially those concerning Margaret and Perry … maybe a suggestion (jubilee event perhaps) you are a GREAT performance artist … I want YOU to perform Pandemic so as to complete the Odyssey. Also I am a hopeless optimist: this is not a criticism mind you, I was hoping to follow the trajet of Bo Pan back in China, and, all those mentions of Black Manitou Island, faithfully identified on Google Earth, had me “cringing” for the reappearance of the ancestor. Gee, I was wondering how you were going to incorporate them. Anyway Scott, fantastic work, I really really enjoyed this offering, keep on keeping on …

  4. ratman19

    Do you get a percentage of the sales from an Amazon Kindle ebook purchase? I’ve already purchased the hardcover and am thinking of buying the kindle version but am struggling to justify giving Amazon $11 for something I already have in print. If a good portion of that goes to you, thats a different story. I am happy to support an author.

  5. Bandit

    THE BOOK has arrived!! Preordered on Feb 11 2013 from Amazon and it is finally here!! Now I just have to finish my honey-do list and find out how the world ends! Well I guess if the world is going to end, then I won’t need to bring in fire wood, or do that training for work…on to THE BOOK and the end of the world!! Let the plaid tanks roll!!!!

  6. Tony

    Loving Pandemic Scott. Into the last 100 pages. Nobody does the end of the world better than you. Hope you liked the Pandemic Social Media entry of mine. It was photographed with me lying on a table in my school library by my wife. Lots of kids were laughing at me. But hey it was good fun. Tony

  7. Connie Taylor

    Hanging on to my audible credit for Pandemic…re. Listening to one and two …hopefully it will be there by the time I’m finished. Just finished Nocturnal a couple of weeks ago…great listen… Phil had me hookedby half way and I errr mmm arrrr might like him better than you now….lol…

  8. andrew johan peterson

    so what’s on your plate now? i see the next GFL book is going to be up for preorder in the next week or so. my undeniably breathtaking skills in deductive logic tell me that quentin (shitters! you’re a bunch of SHITTERS!) barnes is up to the plate. but who’s on deck? the world wonders…

  9. James Eager

    I pre-ordered an autographed copy and now you tell me it is coming thru UPS? How dare you? Don’t you know UPS doesn’t deliver to my house? (They don’t deliver to any Fedex employees houses…. ) And after that nice video of you using a Fedex truck for the Rookie too…. Still waiting on my copy….

    1. A Sigler

      We didn’t tell you any such thing. I imagine you’re thinking of Borderlands Books?

      We do love them, and they do such a great job packaging your order, but we certainly don’t tell them how to run their business.

      Wait — how does UPS know where you work?

  10. Kitchencop

    Dude i am so stoked to read this bad boy. Can’t wait for Sunday so I can pound out a good portion of it. I love your work, Scott. Your are fucking amazing!

  11. Rusty Raven

    Still waiting for my copy to crawl through the snail-mail. Cant wait to read it and start my trip into mental instability. =)

  12. Paul

    I was under the impression the audiobook and hardcover were going to release simultaneously but I don’t see the audible version available anywhere. Has the audiobook version been delayed?

    1. A Sigler

      Yep, audiobook won’t be out for a few more weeks. We had hoped to release it at the same time, but clearly no. It’s up at Audible, being reviewed and processed now. That takes as long as it takes. Hopefully within two weeks.

      The good news? It will be waaaaaaay less than the 18 months it took to get the NOCTURNAL audiobook out into the wild! 🙂

  13. Brandon Winrich

    I pre-ordered mine from Amazon, but unfortunately it hasn’t shipped yet because the CD I purchased at the same time had its release date pushed back by a week. Which is a pity, because with all the snow here recently today would have been a great day to just sit inside and read the whole book in 1 sitting.

  14. Robin Cameron

    The other universe … Getting to read your pre-order copy … Ebook readers have to battle with an unkind universe but in this one the reader has finally outwitted (with 4 star customer care from Kobo) the diabolical pit of Adobe Digital Editions … if ADE refuses to acknowledge vendor ID just go to the vendor’s desktop version (a bit hard to find) .. I was so exhausted from my initial efforts I got knocked off my bike after swimming … so covered in bruises .. I’m launching into Pandemic on the desktop not the Ereader GRRRR….

    1. athanas

      Well, that was my problem: I was busy hating the mailman when it was the UPS Guy all along.
      Hope the mailman forgives me for the methed-out slow loris I left in my mail slot for him.

  15. Brian Jones

    Got my pre-ordered copy from Amazon today (just now) cannot wait to dive in head first! Just so long as everyone steps away from the poultry shears! (shudder)