Orbiting Death tat!

Orbiting Death tat on Ben Dowell

Ben Dowell's Orbiting Death tatWot? Holy crapping kittens, look at this massive Orbiting Death tat on Junkie Ben Dowell. Anyone who gets a GFL tat gets to name a character in the upcoming GFL Book V. So, what team is Ben’s character going to play for? Take a guess … go ahead, I’ll wait …

Ben enjoys reading the GFL series with his son, Dante Diener, who apparently is a huge GFL fan (but doesn’t like participating in forums, sadly).

If you dig this tat, give Ben some comment love. I think it’s amazing. Also? That much solid black? Dude has zero nerve endings in his skin. Gotta be a mutant. Gotta be. It’s science.

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  1. ratman19

    Beautiful Tat Ben. The tattoo artist did an amazing job. Straight lines. Symmetrical. Simply amazing.

    My son and I read the GFL series together as well. Nice to hear there are other Father/Son teams out there who enjoy this series.