The lost INFECTED covers!

The lost covers from IDW Publishing's INFECTED graphic novel mini-series.

The lost covers from IDW Publishing's INFECTED graphic novel mini-series.Jiminy Christmas, look what Junkie BigJohn found: more covers from IDW’s planned INFECTED mini-series. The artist got the covers done, apparently, before he dropped out of sight (we haven’t heard from him, but we hope he’s okay) before Issue #2 could go to press.

John posted these in our forums. Click on the cover at right to see them all (and give John a little props while you’re there for digging these babies up).

And if you haven’t heard, the series is cancelled. IDW did a great job. The fault is all on our side in not getting them the content.

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  1. Josh T

    Cancelled?? You can’t be serious? There no longer going to be a Infected grafic novel series? I was so looking forward to them since I bought the first one!

    1. scottsigler

      Yeah, Josh, it’s cancelled. We’re really down about the whole thing. It was all on our side of the fence, nothing to do with IDW Publishing. Our artist just stopped meeting deadlines, then stopped communicating altogether. We’re still not sure why. IDW had to make a business decision, and, frankly, they made the right call.

      We will be working to get the project going again and finish the next four issues. Hopefully more news on that in the future.